Set "Your Name" on QuickSupport startup

I set my customers up with the TeamViewerQS.exe from the Design and Deploy page on my TeamViewer Console.  My application automatically updates a registry setting at HKLU\SOFTWARE\TeamViewer\Meeting_UserName that TeamViewerQS.exe uses to set "Your Name" when starting a session.  Unless I am mistaken the behavoir has now changed in version 14 (which is really nice by the way) and it appears you have to manually change "Your Name" or the default (my licensed company name) shows up.  Unfortunately I have several customers and this makes it so their request for support identifies them as ME!  Bear in mind that my customers are often very unsophisticated and getting them to manually enter something useful has proven fruitless.

Is it possible for me to force TeamViewerQS.exe to use the registry setting always?  If not is there a better way for my application to set the "Your Name" so that it is useful to me?



  • I've tried to find where else TV saves Meeting_UserName, but unfortunately I didn't find. But you can use a hack - delete CM_LastConfigurationId

    This worked for me:

    cmd /c "reg delete HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\TeamViewer /v CM_LastConfigurationId /f & reg add HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\TeamViewer /v Meeting_UserName /d "Custom UserName" /f & start "TeamViewer" "utils\TeamViewerQS.exe""