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Pilot License Issue

I have two user accounts under the teamviewer account for our business. The two accounts have different email addresses but the both have my name on them
(1) myfirstname.lastname(at) 
(2) myfirstname.lastname(at)
Both are setup as administrators.
last week I purchased an Annual Pilot License to add to account number 2. When I purchased it, I used account number 2 to make the purchase - the one I always use.
I received an email on account number 2 with an embedded "get me started" link. I clicked on it and enter account #2's email and password as instructed and got a successful activation message.
But the pilot license was not working. I dug arround and found that I still had to assign the license to a user.
So I set out to do that. I was presented with a list of users and had to choose one to add the license to. But two of my account had the same name. Only the account name was listed not the email - and both 1 and 2 were identical
(1) My First name - Last name
(2) My First name - Last name
(3) Another Useres First Name - Last Name
I chose #2 because everywhere else in Teamviewer the account I wanted to assign it to is listed 2nd.
After finishing that, I checked and the account still did not have the pilot license Assigned - well **bleep**! So I checked the other account and sure enough there it was. Surely there is a way to reassign it? Nope!! the only option I am given is to go to the store to purchase another pilot license. So I opened a support ticket - surely they can resolve this right? Well, that was 3 days ago and I haven't heard a peep.

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  • TFD
    TFD Posts: 4

    I thought I had this Resolved on Monday. After Spending over an hour on hold, I spoke to a tech who was able to un-assign the license in a matter of minutes. Then I was able to assign it to the correct account. Afterwards I went to the support site and closed the ticket I had oppened last week. Today I got an email responce to that ticket saying that they they didn't see the Pilot license assigned to any user - so I logged in to check and not only is it not assigned to the user anymore - it doesn't show up in the account at all.

    Beyond frustrated

  • Vliem89
    Vliem89 Posts: 2

    did you get a solution? i got the same problem overhere.