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Dual Host Logins

We currently have the custom msi installation of TV Host v11 on all of our desktops. We also have several vendors that need remote access from time to time and most of them also use Teamviewer. 

Is there a document or how-to that shows how to setup dual logins for Windows desktops using Host V11? I tried setting up a second account within the settings but it doesn't work.

We have to kill the TV process, stop the service then run TV Quick Support in order for the vendor to login. Very time consuming.

Thank you for your help!


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  • Jeremy
    Jeremy Posts: 106 Staff

    Hi @8-bit,

    There are a couple of options you could use here, to allow a third-party to connect to your desktops:

    1. Enable the random password on each TeamViewer Host (Options > Security > Password strength = not disabled). Then the Host's ID and random password can be given to the vendor on a case-by-case basis, each time they need to connect. However, this would not work for unattended access, as it would require someone to be at the desktop in order to give out the random password.

    2. Add a second permanent password to each TeamViewer Host (Options > Security > "Manage additional passwords"). You can add any number of passwords here - for example, one for each vendor. That way, you can keep the primary personal password to yourself, and allow the vendors to connect using their own respective personal passwords. This is perfect for unattended access, because - unlike the random password - these passwords don't change.

    In addition, you could also configure the Black & Whitelist settings (on the Security page of the Options) to "Allow access only for the following partners", and add the vendor's TeamViewer account addresses to the list, along with your own account(s), to ensure that only authorised persons can connect to the Host - and only if they know the relevant password as well of course.

    TeamViewer Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Would this still offer auditting when the vendors login to our hosts?

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