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  • When mine was unblocked, the popup disappeared immediately without me needing to adjust ANYTHING.

    I won't rely completely on TeamViewer however as the same could well happen again

    The problem will be in the algrrithm used to 'detect' commercial use is obviously set to harrass and annoy legitimate free users in the hope they can be coerced into paying a subscription. The cost is aimed at multinationals / governments with more money than sense. Nobody bothered to think that the subscriptions are ridiculously expensive for reirees.

    .TeamViewer is a reasonable piece of softwar, but it is HORRIBLY expensive for the subscription. Furthermore there are genuinely free alternatives which work just as well. One issue that has always annoyed me intensely with Teamviewer is that bloody stupid blob stuck in the lower right corner, just where one needs to access the scroll button, time, and other important functions. Maybe it is only in free versions as I can't imagine those who pay subscriptions wearing that nonsense.

  • The notice I received to the effect that I wasn't using the software commercially claimed the delay in responding was due to a backlog of complaints.

    It isn't surprising that there is a backlog ... maybe a better solution would be to fix the clearly broken algorithm that incorrectly flags legitimate private use as commercial.

    @kenace45 wrote:

    They finally unlocked my account after three weeks of waiting. Was using another app until they fixed it. 

    @xtreme1 wrote:

    I submitted an appeal for the suspected commercial use. 5 days ago I received a validation email that said I was confirmed to be using TeamViewer for personal use but it's still showing the banner popup that says I am using I'm using it for commercial purposes (which I'm not), and limiting my session to 5 mins.
    Does it take longer than 5 days to reset the accoung?
    Is my account really reset?
    How can I continue to use this fantastic product as a free customer?
    Please advise.



  • @onewolf wrote:

    What app were you using?

    Just google 'Teamviewer alternatives'. Heaps available, what suits another person may not suit you


  • Why are there people still thinking this is a "bug" or an "error" in their algorithm?  It's pretty obvious that was done on purpose.  People must start to think by themselves.

  • As the title says, why does Teamviewer say that im using the iOS app in commercial purpose when connecting to my home computer, and then only allows me to use it for 5 min? Ive been using Teamviewer for over 5 years now and just recently i started to get this limitation, even tho im only using it to connect to my home desktop computer via my phone. 

  • If I have commercial use suspected why it also doesn't work with a different ID?

    I've been using TeamViewer to connect to my PC at home from my office PC. It had always been the same IDs.

    Later on I changed PC (new id). Without much surprise, the ID got flagged for commertial use.

    Then, something very weird happened! My phone got flagged for commertial use O_O!!! I use the same account there.

    Then, early now, when I tried to connect to my neighbour friend, my home PC got flagged O_O?!?!?!?!

    What's wrong?!?!?! What did I do wrong in my home PC?!?! I can't use TeamViewer now to help others! What's wrong?!?! Isn't the flagging by ID? This didn't happen before...

    Extra notes: I already filled the form back in late October for the first and second IDs and just filled the form for the third id. Still waiting for an answer.
    I'm not asking for a speed up on the matter, I just want to understand what I did wrong....

  • I am using Teamviewer 15 and it keeps senses that I am using the Commercial version even after I submitted the personal use form to Teamviewer.  Please help - it keeps shutting down in under 5 minutes.  I am supporting my family only.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank You

  • Hi. I have been granted a free user licence for non-commercial use now on my own PC, since you changed your pricing model.

    However, the machine I connect to is a PC in Wesleys Chapel in London, where I maintain a database of their burials, and need to make sure the machine is running for visitors each day. To do that, I connect for a few seconds each night.

    This is absolutely non-commercial use, because they are a registered Charity, and no money is involved in any way.

    I have tried several times to explain this to your organisation, but the PC at the Chapel has still not been granted a free licence and so Teamviewer keeps locking me out.

    Please can you help me to resolve this.

    Kind regards


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    Free for personal use is a SCAM.  I contact only ONE computer, my father's, who is 90 years old and 700 miles distant.  I was hoping to use TeamViewer to assist him, but it's impossible.  The software keeps telling me it "thinks" I'm using it commercially.  I opened a ticket, and filled out and signed their form 3 times, and keep getting the same runarround.

    If I have to PAY somoeone for this kind of thing, I will BUT IT WON'T BE TEAMVIEWER.  They don't deserve my $$.

    "free for personal use" is a scam - all they want is for you to pay them because you get tired of **bleep** about with **bleep** at "customer 'care'"

    Take your software and **bleep** it.

  • My teamviewer automatically detected it as commercial use when I connected to it from my phone to control my own home pc to connect ahead of time to be able to get into a game server how do I fix this issue


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    Well, they finally did it. After having to unlock my account multiple times from the "using it commercially" error message, I'm swapping my own usage and that of all of my clients. **Third Party Product** is the new goto. I'm entirely disgusted with this company. As someone who has generated an insane amount of revenue for this company, I'm officially pulling the plug. In the age where you can get amazing customer service, being treated like a criminal just doesn't fly. On the bright side, I guess thanks for getting me a bunch of support contracts to swap my clients away from this software. I used to love it but the company behind it has really just driven it to the ground over the last decade.

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    Same problem here ..... I read they are in financial trouble and trying to get money from everywhere .... that's probably the reason :-

  • I've been a 'free' personal user for years -- transferring files between desk computers and laptop.  Offered to pay a 'reasonable fee to continue as 'personal user.   TV never replied to my offer.  Guess it's pay an exorbinant amount to transfer to the 'corporate' user catagory or find an alternative means of transferring files.  I'll go the second route -- back to flash drives or  One-Drive.

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    I am using teamviewer for home use
    for private file server, but he detected that it is business and blocked using without paying ;-;

  • This post is over 2 years old.. still nothing fixed.. When you google the problem.. you get a huge feedback from others with same problem.

    Fix it :) ? Or make a low priced personal solution.

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    Seit dem Jahreswechsel kann ich mich nicht mehr auf meinem Rechner zuhause conecten.

    Ich bekomme die Meldung, das mein Rechner anscheined eine kommerzielle Nutzung hätte. Ich weiss nicht, was sie geändert haben soll. Das ist ein rein privater rechner und er steht bei mir im Wohnzimmer.

    Weiss jemand, wie man diesen Status bereinigen kann.

  • After all these complaints about the problem of "commercial use" and my own experience after more than 10 years of using Teamviewer, I'm out. They do nothing about it - they realy do nothing ! And therefore I will use another product until the Teamviewers offer a solution. It can't be, I think, that so many complaints are unfounded and thus remain unconsidered ... So, I will wait some time for a release and if that does not come ... [removed per Community Guidelines]

  • you're right. if they want to get rid of us, they should say so openly - but this bullying is lowest level... luckily, there are other ways to do it now. In those days there were not many alternatives... but back then it wasn't a cash cow for stocks either...

  • tell me what was against the "guidelines" please.. I wrote that I am not allowed to give a name of a "third party product" and I did NOT ... so what was against your rules ?

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    @Johnhoward28 wrote:

    I suggest that you submit the form and explain your case.  

    @Johnhoward28 What do you suggest I do after submitting the form as instructed? 

    It is extremely unpolite to request that you sign a form that you promise to handle in about a week and then ignore it (I submitted the form more than two months ago and still got no response).

    I understand that Team Viewer is a for-profit company. I don't understand why they claim to offer free licenses for private users when this is clearly not the case. I am not offended by Adobe charging for their license, since they don't claim to offer a free license.


  • I am seeking help with this message I recieve when logging into one of my pc's.  I have 3 other pc's and I do not get this message on them.  They are all under the same account and for personal use.  I have tried deleting the program on the pc with this issue, and reinstalling, but when I log on I get the same message.  It is only on that 1 pc.  Does anyone have advice for me ?

  • You seem to be reporting an issue, unrelated to the topic of this thread. The advice would be to find an existing topic that fits the description of your problem and post there, or create a new one.

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    why keep saying i am commercial user?

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    I am using teamviewer as a noncommercial user (a student). However, it keeps ask me to buy lience and then lock my account. I asked you to solve this problem before but still i have a problem. Could you please check my account on ***information removed*** and give permission to noncommercial use? It is very urgent issue.


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    I am getting message that that i am or i was using teamviewer for commercial purposes (while i never did).

    While this is happening, i also cannot contact support for teamviewer as i don't have a commercial license. 

  • I have used TeamViewer for many years to support my Mom and other family members. A few months ago, it flagged me as suspected commercial use and I followed all the steps to get my usage OK'd. I sent in the  "Declaration of private use" form on Nov 25, heard nothing, and have had no reply to followups. I am sending these to <[email protected]>.

    Just no reply, so I don't know what to do. 


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    Danke Teamviewer!!

    Nach nun mehr Jahren der erfolgreichen Nutzung von TV im privaten Umfeld werde ich nun beschnitten, weil ich angeblich eine kommerzielle Nutzung betreibe.

    Dank der eigenen 5 Kinder und selber im IT Wesen beheimatet zusätzlichFamilie und Verwandten, sind das nun mal ca. 20 Endgeräte in meinem Adressbuch, wo leider immer wieder der eine oder der andere Hilfe braucht.

    Nun ist damit aber Schluß, denn ihr habt mir den Stecker gezogen. Da ich ja angeblich kommerzielle Nutzung betreibe. Ich kann nur sagen, irgendwann trifft es jeden und ein Konkurrent in der Welt holt auf, auch wenn nur langsam aber er macht sich. Somit kann ich nur sagen, liebe Community entweder gibt es eine Free Lizenz oder eben nicht, dann sollen sie eine Kosten Neutrale TV Lizenz für uns dumme Privat Nutzer generieren, aber das aktuelle ist eine schande.

    Auch wenn ich vermute das mein Beitrag gelöscht wird, hier noch eine alternative für euch alle da draußen: **Third Party Product**

    Macht Werbung damit TV mal aufwacht oder eben weiter auf seinen Lorbeeren hockt.