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Can't access team viewer website to download the software ? err_ssl_protcol_error

I tried to acess teamviewer website to download it for a family member, tried on a Mac but got an error message along lines of: 

" site cant provide a secure conection

err_ssl_protcol_error . "

Also tried a Win 10 laptop whoich also failed to allow connection to website....

I dont know if there is a secirty setting on those devcies or router that needs tweaking but odd.

Any suggestions why this should be.....?




  • Ying_Q
    Ying_Q Posts: 1,318 Moderator

    Hi @AndrewY

    Thank you for your posting.

    There is no error report on TeamViewer website at the moment. For more information, kindly visit TeamViewer status page for instant check up. 

    Regards to the error code - err_ssl_protcol_error, that is not related to TeamViewer and we are sorry that we are not able to assist with this error. The possible suggestion is to search the error code from the internet and seek for a better solution.

    Thank you for your understanding.



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