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Commercial use - Connection time out



  • I can not use TeamViewer freely when trying, the session is closed I am not a computer scientist does not conduct any activity

  • Hi

    I accidentally logged into my private teamviewer account on a corporate machine and now I can't have sustained sessions for private use because corporate use has been detected. I have logged into the corporate account now, so I can use the corporate account without issues, but my private account is now treated as corporate user without license.

    How do I "reset" my private account to its free status? I have already deleted the corporate machine from My Computers on my private account.




  • Hello there. Some weeks ago I send a request via the form to teamviewer company because I had the usual problem of suspected commercial use. Thankfully, the company replied and declared my PC account, free non commercial.

    At that point I was happy but after a few hours I discovered that my other computer, a MacBook (which of course is registered under the same account/password I use for teamviewer), had a different ID and it started to suspect commercial use and dropped the connection.

    I don't understand. Isn't teamviewer system able to see that both computers are under the same free account holder?

    Do I have to send a new free use teamviewer form the company?

  • Hello!

    I've fileed the form complainting of wrong suspection of commercial use more than 2 weeks ago, but still didn't get the answer to my email. Could you help please? The email is the same as in my account

    Thanks in advance

  • Midjet76
    Midjet76 Posts: 20 ✭✭

    Tried twice over the years to use TV for purely none gain, but as everyone else suggests we get hounded to subscribe at ridiculous monthly costs. I'm sure even some of us who "like to help family" would be willing to pay a "nominal" fee per month to support friends and family for the solid access that TV offers.  Failure to consider this will ultimately  mean that more people will resort to using competitors like **Third Party Product** which while not as smooth as TV works most of the time flawlessly, just slightly differently..

    OK so TV doesn't give a monkeys and as to asking for them to review my usage< i wasted my time even tryin. Over 2 weeks later and still no response as expected both based on previous attempts and on more recent complaints online. I'm not a business person in any way shape etc, but I cannot understand how your business model works when the majority of people who expect this app to be free then get screwed over after getting used to using it, after being told you can use it if you're not a business deserve to be treated in such a cavalier way.  I have used TV for probably 5 years off and on as I still consider it to be a solid performer, but, for my limited needs will have to seriously consider reverting to **Third Party Product**, which, from my experience, means that, giving TV a wide berth for a few months then gives me some respite in using TV again down the line.  But like a failed relationship how many times will one return to said failed relationship?!!  Love the product , hate the **bleep** behind it.

  • Midjet76
    Midjet76 Posts: 20 ✭✭

    What's that?

    Ah I worked it out.  Might be of use but no android app, I like to access my home pc from my phone from time to time.

  • Midjet76
    Midjet76 Posts: 20 ✭✭

    Me neither

  • There should't be a 'low priced personal solution'. That's the whole point of 'free for personal use'...

    Happened to me three times now, even though I actually only use it for school. (I study IT)
    I don't even use it that often...

  • Still no answer here nor on email.

    Could some of moderators answer please?

    @Esther @JeanK @apapakostas @JoshP @Nadin1 

  • I haven't used TeamViewer to connect from my personal laptop to my Desktop in month or so, and now its booting me after a min or 2 and says im using it commercially.  

    Both devices are not part of a company, personally owned.

    How do we get this unflagged as commercial ?

  • Same problem here... I need it to help my grandmother, and now it is a pain in the **bleep**... ¬¬"

  • Same here I'm getting very annoyed with Team Viewer this past month. It has been great for 6 or 7 years but all of a sudden it keeps giving me that Comercial use detected popup. I use it to connect to my gaming\Media\Plex rig to download anew movie to Plex Acc. when Im at my Dads house and that it.


  • You need to fill out a form online to have it reset. Ive done it but it didnt help much. Hence why I am BACK to find a Support Team Member to try and fix it for good hopefully or Im going to find another Remote desktop service.

  • I filled out and submitted a "Declaration of Private Use" form two months ago and have not heard anything since.  What are my options now?

  • Midjet76
    Midjet76 Posts: 20 ✭✭

    Find alternative, give up wasting your time with this, as good as it is, it's all a sham, they say it's free but clip your wings as quick as they can. I've applied on numerous occasions over the last few years **bleep** have never had any replies.  Their free use is a crock of you know what.

  • I have found Windows 10 comes with a nice app called "Quick Assist".  At work we've switched to **Third Party Product**.  For always on access, **Third Party Product** seems to work well.  Some of my older friends still use TeamViewer, hence my hope to have it restored.  Oh well, you're probably right.

  • Bonzadog
    Bonzadog Posts: 27 ✭✭

    I can recommend **third party product**. I, too, do not Understand TeamViewers current sub-optimal strategy. If they need money then charge, then all fee, but stop this blocking policy and reply to emails and reduce immensely the delay when one submit the "Private use declaration form"- I wonder if Teamviewer has a new management and they caused this unnecessary upheaval? I wonder if the Teamviewer Team actually look at these comments. I would never use **third party product** for remote control- they a data collectors.

  • Midjet76
    Midjet76 Posts: 20 ✭✭

    What was the **third party product** or has this been censored?

  • Midjet76
    Midjet76 Posts: 20 ✭✭

    Bonzadpg, I'm gonna give **third party product**. 

    Think I may have tried it in the past, but still no Android support which would be great for when I am away from home as I tend to rely on tablet or phone rather than laptop PC.  I have also asked to be notified when their Android beta becomes available


    Have installed it now, looks nearly as good as TeamViewer just doesn't list my current PC's as good as TV.  Definitely good enough for my needs though.

    Thanks again

  • Adamh
    Adamh Posts: 1

    TeamViewer has for some time had me on 5 minute limits thinking I use it commercially. Which I don't. I actually use it to support my 90 year old father.

    I cleared the pop up today and now the app says it's upgrading my account to business. I don't wish to and certainly cannot afford to upgrade. Please cancel whatever is happening! And if you are able to sort the commercial non commercial thing that would also be very helpful.

    Apologies, it was a complete accident and I could really use some help. Panicking a bit to be fair!


  • You are NOT alone in trying (unsuccessfully) to deal with Team Viewer and their new 'business model.  I've personally given up and deleting Team Viewer from my personal computers rather than pay an exorbitant price for a professional license -- that I don't want or need.  The solution for me was to switch to one of the other alternatives.  There is a website listing and discussing the top ten alternatives to Team Viewer. I suggest you visit that site.

  • As I have now become thoroughly annoyed with the lack of response from TV on the topic, I am posting here with a low expectation of a resolution (based on the sheer volume of other unanswered posts on the same topic).  I am part of the "playing by the rules" community of users who use the free software for it's intended purpose, to support my family.  For the third time, I am dealing with the "commercial use detected" nonsense and my sessions are cut at 5min. 

     - Only happens when I connect from my MacBook or iMac to a Windows machine

    - Mac to iMac works fine (so far)

    - Windows to Windows works fine (so far)

    I have now opened 3 tickets over the last 4 weeks and have not received a single response on the subject.  Called support today and they told me the ONLY way to get support on the free product is through the web form..... that goes unanswered.  #businessmodelfail. Why offer a product if you cannot use it within the restrictions you yourself set on it?

    I am hoping someone here has found a DIY fix for this as this is excruciatingly aggravating.  I am 20yr veteran of IT and I know what the difference is between personal and commercial use.  With that comes a general disdain for technology that does not work.

    Interesting side note, when I asked the support person how they detect commercial use, she was not able to give me a direct answer but said its at least partly related to the internet connection I am connecting from.  In other words, if I go to a coffee shop, it will detect the coffee shop internet and flag me.  It goes the same for airports, hotels, free wifi hotspots, your ISP's internet connection, LTE personal hotspots, and practically EVERY other place you can connect from!  She said its for "home to home" connections.. .which doesnt work either!

  • I was using 14.x and tried connecting to a friend who was 15.x - it told me that upgrade is needed.  My 14 was installed as "Personal" - but I believe that when the in-place upgrade came down it was "Commercial."  I removed TV (and settings) and reloaded - making  sure to pick Personal and my issue was resolved...

  • Bonzadog
    Bonzadog Posts: 27 ✭✭
    I had updated and still got classified as a commercial user. Perhaps if you wait for a while it may happen to you
  • klepp0906
    klepp0906 Posts: 16 ✭✭

    before i even give teamviewer another go, is this still going on?  If sessions are limited to 5 minutes even for personal use, its literally pointless for me. 

  • janbenes
    janbenes Posts: 4 ✭✭

    for me it is even about 30 seconds and customer care does not give a sh*t

  • Midjet76
    Midjet76 Posts: 20 ✭✭

    [removed per Community Guidelines]

    Np Android apps but great for possibly what a lot of of use it for on windows PC's ... for now at least...

    The fact that Tv block any unwanted links to 3rd party software suggests they're  worried we'll all defect.  **bleep** right, as good as TV is when it's free, if you continue to ignore us, we'll do just that and regardless of whether it's on TV forums or not we'll strive to meet our most basic needs.  So TV managers either just scrap the free aspect or come up with a more workable compromise.  How much would you make if you asked all of us free users to pay £1 a month? Surely you can monitor useage to a degree whereyou can truly assess business use as opposed to personal use...??? I know it sounds stingy but I'd pay £1 or $1 a month for an arbitrary amount of access. But it would have to be something not too ridiculous...Say 1 hour per day free what's that worth?  Plus that might encourage users to log off more, I sometimes forget to do this ... oops. 

  • You have to be persistent.  I used Facebook to connect with them and eventually got it al sorted out.

  • Bonzadog
    Bonzadog Posts: 27 ✭✭

    My suggest was not "censored" when I suggest using "Remote Assistant" from ***Third party product*** Not quite as good as TeamViewer but excellent to work with. @TeamViewer: Wake and and take action -- you are about to lose customers.

  • Globe
    Globe Posts: 1

    It's the same as it was and just not worth using for home use anymore.
    I use Discord screen share to help my friends and family thesedays - not ideal but we don't get disconnected and then blocked for a bunch of time supposedly because they decide to just assume everyone is using for business use, regardless of the fact they have my email address and 'registration' to know I am a home user helping out family and friends once in a while!

    Either pay for the software of find something else would be the best advice.