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Remote Access License - Purchase not working


I bought a remote access license with a yearly subscription couple of days ago.

Run through the setup procedure and at first it seemed to work.
But now after I log in to teamviewer it does not recognise the license, but still shows "free".
If I try to reactive the license via the link, it doesn't work. If I looked at managed license it does not show up.

It seems impossible to reach support by phone, tried to open a ticket but unsuccesfully.

Can someone help me?






  • Robert_H
    Robert_H Posts: 2

    Also having the same issue, licence purchased account still listed as free. Unable to do any work.

  • cs108
    cs108 Posts: 1

    I'm having the same issue. Have not received my activation key yet.

  • Wilko
    Wilko Posts: 2

    Having the same issue.

    Now just want a refund

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