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Screen Blanking with multiple monitors only blanks one screen

My main computer uses three monitors. When connecting remotely from my laptop and enabling the Screen Blanking option, only one of the monitors is actually blanked, and the other two monitors are viewable. This is a big problem due the business nature of my main computer.

Both machines are using the latest version of Windows 10 and Teamviewer 12. 


  • Moushigo
    Moushigo Posts: 1

    I have the same issue, it blanks only the non-main screen in Windows.

    To add more info for the developers. I am using a hybrid configuration to use 4 monitors. One monitor uses the builtin HDMI and the other three monitors uses the graphics card on PCIe. This is possible through Dell's/Intel " Multi-Display" bios configuration.

    Client: Samsung Chromebook Plus

    Remote: Windows 10

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