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Password Reset is BROKEN!!!!!!!!

I have tried for days and weeks. There is no form of support for our accounts. I had to create a new one just to post this message. I have emailed, tried calling, submitted tickets. Nothing is working to get my password reset on my main account . 

The website will say it's sending an email and it NEVER does. Tried multiple browsers. There is no form a technical support so I am trying to get help here. 


  • JoshP
    JoshP Posts: 484 Senior Moderator

    Hello @iceminion 

    Thank you for your post. 

    I have verified our password resets are being sent as expected. Could you please try generating another request, and let me know if the issue persists?

    If the issue persists, please PM the email address(es) that are unable to receive the password reset requests.

    Thanks in advance!

    Josh P.
    Senior Community Moderator

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  • hbvbuh
    hbvbuh Posts: 2

    I have the same Problem with a friends account. She cannot login to ask for help, so im asking from my account. If this is ok, please let me know and I will send you her account email in a PM. Kind regards, Henry

  • JeanK
    JeanK Posts: 4,205 Moderator

    Hello @hbvbuh

    Thank you for your message. ?

    Please check your inbox - I replied there. ?



    French Community Moderator
  • hbvbuh
    hbvbuh Posts: 2

    Thank YOU!

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