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Verification of your teamviewer_note version failed

Recently, when attempting to leave a note on a host computer I am receiving the following message: (Critical Error) Verification of your teamviewer_note version failed!  It then goes on to say that TeamViewer needs to be uninstalled and re-installed.  Please note that there have not been any changes to the remote computer or and of the hosts I am connecting with.  While uninstalling and reinstalling does fix the problem, doing so with unsophisticated users is challenging since I cannot be connected with them during the process.



  • Djago
    Djago Posts: 11

    I'm having the SAME problem. All my clients that have TeamViewer 12 HOST installed give me that error. It's a shame that I've paid for such a buggy program that is becoming more and more worthless. I have this problem, also from a QS can't install the Host. I'm also having issues using from mobile to mobile (I have the licence). Also Teamviewer has blocked us from assisting clients with higher versions of TV installed. And the list goes on...

  • DJay-Z
    DJay-Z Posts: 2

    I don't think it's a "buggy" issue since it was working fine for several years.  The fact that it happened seemingly simultaneously to multiple V12 host users who had not made any changes on their systems (ie. not a Windows Update problem) leads me to believe that the TeamViewer company made a change and disabled it at their end - possibly as an extra incentive to "upgrade" to a subscription.

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