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Introducing the new TeamViewer Backup

We have redesigned TeamViewer Backup from ground-up with efficiency, security and reliability in mind.

First TeamViewer Backup was released in 2016 and since then we learned a lot about File backups and what users need from their backup application.

With the new TeamViewer Backup, we completely redesigned the technical architecture by using modern standards, which will cater for future developments for new features and scalability.

Improvements and New Features:

  • Faster installations
  • Faster backup uploads (without bandwidth throttling)
  • Faster backup restores
  • Better statuses and notifications.
  • Better exclusions and inclusions using wildcards (*) in file paths.
  • Completely re-engineered AES 256 encryption, where the data is only available to the logged-in account.
  • Backup data to the nearest and fastest data centre in your region, we use Amazon Web Services as a storage provider. (E.g. Germany – Frankfurt Datacenter, France - Paris Datacenter)

Coming up soon:

  • Policy-based custom retention. This will enable you to save up space. (will be released in a few days)
  • Reworked and improved Delete backup functionally. Keep only the backup data you really need.  (released)
  • Receive an E-mail when TeamViewer Backup was uninstalled from a device.
  • More detailed information when a backup fails with reasons and recommendations.


  • Works with TeamViewer 14.4 and newer.
  • TeamViewer 11, 12,13 support is available. When Activating from the Management console Backup on older versions of TeamViewer the New TeamViewer backup will be installed.
    • Please check that TeamViewer is at its latest version.
      • TeamViewer 11.0.214397
      • TeamViewer 12.0.214399
      • TeamViewer 13.2.36216
  • Windows 7 or later.
  • Any modern browser for the Management Console operations.

Migrate to the new TeamViewer Backup:

Since the new TeamViewer Backup is a complete redesign of the entire application a simple update for the old version to the new one was not feasible.  For an easier transition, a migration assistant is available in the Management Console.

Product Owner, Remote Management services.


  • So is there ability to work with TV 11 planned?   I still have my perpetual corporate license for this product and would consider using your backup if it worked with this older product.   At this time I am not planning to move to a monthly TV subscription model.

  • Well I have to say, so far I am impressed, i did a test deployment on one v11 client, the policy for advanced required me to know the paths, in my case c:\user\xx and c:\user\public.   so that wasn't great (since it would have been nice to have the actual directory from the client).   The process is still underway, says 0% storage used.   However, and this is the "great" part of this, I was able to go onto the client machine and restore about 100 MB of files into an alternate location.   

    This seems like a good option for a VAR that has an old license kicking around, and wants to use it to provide a low cost managed solution for small amounts of data.  Will update again once it all completes, but so far looks like it might work with v11.   And on the client side its simplicity is what really makes it good.   Backup files every 2 hours and if they want to restore, dead easy.

  • StanislavStanislav Posts: 282 Staff

    Hi @Keevantage 

    Thanks for the post. 

    Currently, TeamViewer V11 gets the old version of Backup. Only TeamViewer 14 has the ability, for now, to activate and update to the new Backup. 

    During this week we will release Other versions of TeamViewer which will support the new Backup version and the possibility to update to the new version. 

    We will post the changes in this thread by modifying the requirements list. 


    Product Owner, Remote Management services.
  • I have just noticed that I cannot now restore a backup if I am not the "user" linked to a "device". This seems like a ridiculous "enhancement" to me. I work in a team of people and any one of us needs to be able to access and restore the backed up data.

    Is this a new feature?

    Can this be my choice to limit the restore feature to the account associated with a device?

  • StanislavStanislav Posts: 282 Staff

    Hi @GarethStuga 


    Thanks for the message. 


    This was the same behaviour as the OLD Backup. The general problem is Security vs convenience.  We are working on the architecture which will permit cross-team collaboration between multiple accounts in the same Company profile. We are aiming somewhere in Q2 2020 to have a very secure way of accessing backups by multiple accounts form the same company profile.  Thanks for understanding. 

    As a workaround Its always good to have a master account which does the assignation and other accounts which manage different operations. Once a backup is needed a simple relog should solve this. 

    Product Owner, Remote Management services.
  • Thanks Stanislav, that makes sense

    If I create a master account, is there a way of bulk changing all assigned accounts remotely - all my devices are running TV Host...?

  • StanislavStanislav Posts: 282 Staff

    Hi @GarethStuga 


    let me check that and see what would be an easier way to do this operation. I will edit my response tomorrow.

    Product Owner, Remote Management services.
  • TazDonTazDon Posts: 1


  • Ok,

    Is there a way to migrate all our backed up data to new one automatically or we have to do this again from scratch?



  • LosanLosan Posts: 4


    Could you let me know what happen if i don´t migrate older backups with the button in the console. I would like to migrate all the computers in organization, but some ones are not on, so i think i will not be able to do before end date. I know that we will loose older backup data, and we dont care, but we would like to have new backup system installed in all computers that was older

  • StanislavStanislav Posts: 282 Staff

    Hi @Losan 

    Thanks for posting.

    The update button will still be available for some time. Once the device comes online we sugest to update to the new Backup version. There will be a grace period to restore data after end of February if needed. In general if you do not care about older versions of backed up data then update when possible.

    We assure you that this situation is happening only once. with the new architecture a manual update will not be necessary for the years to come us the new achitecture is very modern and scalable.


    If you have further questions do not hesitate to post.



    Product Owner, Remote Management services.
  • DamasDamas Posts: 1


    kindly note i have backup testore not working from 5 days and i have open call support  and open case **Please do not post TeamViewer IDs**  no one  answer ?????  i have important data from old version and today last day ?????? 

  • StanislavStanislav Posts: 282 Staff

    Hi @Damas  

    Thanks for the post. We can definitely help here. Do you already have a Ticket ID with support? 

    I will send you a private message with further details and someone from support will get in touch with you. 

    Normally restoration of from the olde TeamViewer backup should not cause any issues. however, sometimes a problem occurs this was one reason why we had to develop a new Architecture fro TeamViewer backup. With the new version, this issue will not occur at all. 

    Product Owner, Remote Management services.
  • LosanLosan Posts: 4

    Thanks for your reply. 

    I have a new question! I have pushed button to update to new backup for several users and a lot of then now are not listed in backup system!! should i have to add manually user again to backup!!

    We dont care to lost old data if new backup works.

    Thanks in advantage

  • StanislavStanislav Posts: 282 Staff

    Hi @Losan 


    Thanks for the post. 

    I am not sure what is happening in your situation. It's better to get in touch with our Support. With a quick remote session, I think everything will be solved. 

    If you want to call directly, please go to the Management console Remote Management-> Overview page and call the number(differs from country to country) displayed on the Contact tile.


    Product Owner, Remote Management services.
  • I think TV Backup could be useful for my IT clients. But some of my clients are small counseling offices that work with Personal Health Information and their data needs to be protected. Is it possible to make TeamViewer Backup HIPAA compliant? Thx! 

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