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  • Well I can tell you that I most often connect to personal computers at home from my work. That computer is on a corporate network. I build and overclock multiple computers. When overclocking, you have to stress the CPU, Cache, RAM etc. for extended periods of time to verify stability. These tests push the componenets to…
  • I have sent in the form to have my account reset twice. So far, it has been working after the 2nd reset. I have run TV and **Third Party Product** side by side and every time I do, the quality of video in the TV link is better. Text and icons are easier to see. It also feels faster, snappier. All things being equal, I…
  • If their algorithm to detect commercial use worked as well as their algorithm to detect competitors’ products, we would not be having this conversation…
  • Well did you maybe log into your HTPC from your laptop to jump past a COMMERCIAL, or maybe during a COMMERCIAL? Maybe that triggers COMMERCIAL USE!! :smileytongue:
  • All I can tell you is that I do the same thing. I log in from work, as part of a Domain, from a fixed commerical IP address, to computers at my home, on an IP assigned by my local cable company / Internet provider. I sent in the logs with the form and explained this and was clearly told (~4 weeks later) that I was OK and…
  • Having experienced repeated commercial use pop ups and link disconnects (even after the 4 week wait to get a response to my ticket assuring me that my account was reset to personal), I too checked out [Removed]. I have remoted into my home computer with TV and [Removed] at the same time, side by side. I actually like the…
  • Well after about 4 weeks I finally got an email response to my ticket. It said they "believed me" and were resetting my account. I explained in the ticket that I need to log into a home computer from work. The email said they "believed me" and have reset my account to personal. YAH!! So I tried it and it worked - once. The…
  • I actually called about my ticket. It sounded like the lady who answered was trying to read from a script. Then she hung up on me! I never got a chance to give her my ticket number and request status before I was hung up on. I wasn't nasty and did not say anything that would warrant being hung up on. Unreal!
  • When I sent my ticket in 2 weeks ago, I listed all of the computer TV IDs that I use the program on - 5 machines in my family. I read another thread about IDs getting changed to a 10-digit number with no waning, so I checked them all. One of the 5 (a MAC) had a new 10-digit ID. The others were unchanged. So I dodged that…
  • After having TeamViewer Support hang up on me, my connections stopped being interrupted. Not due to the call, since they never even asked who I was, or anything specific about the ticket I submitted. She hung up on me before we got that far. Anyway, it started working again but since the detection, accusing, and…
  • This **bleep**. I build HEDT computers as a HOBBY,. and I like to keep an eye on them from work. Recently, I started getting the Commercial Use warning messages followed by a disconnect. I opened a ticket and got no repsonse so I called TeanViewer sales. I was told that since I am accessing from a fixed commercial IP, that…