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  • Ok perform reset as described with link on Esther's blog, even after you get email that account is reset it takes a few more days to work. In the mean time download Team Viewer app from Microsoft store
  • Ok so you don't confuse people, there is no need for a printer or a scanner. The pdf gets downloaded to your download folder, then you attack file in next step. I agree it is somewhat silly to have to upload a file that you just downloaded. When I did this I received a confirmation email stating account had been reset. It…
  • It worked for me just on the local, it only takes a couple minutes to download a nd install.
  • You don't need a printer or a scanner, the pdf just gets downloaded to your download folder and you direct the next step to that folder. But you are correct it probable won't resolve the problem. Install the app from Microsoft store and sign in , it seems to work for now .
  • Install the remote app from Microsoft store, it probable is a temporary fix but it works for now. You can sign into the app and it retains partner ID's
  • Hello Esther, it looks like there is an issue with TEAM VIEWER software . I was able to install TEAM VIEWER app from the Microsoft store and could connect and stay connected to a partner ID. It's unfortunate that we are given the runaround with this reset fix that doesn't work. Why can't you be upfront and admit you have…
  • Thank you so much for that advice, I installed the app on a spare laptop and was able to connect and stay connected to my 90 year old's father in-laws pc and resolve an issue he had :)
  • Did you have to reinstall your partner software ?
  • It didn't work for me. Received a conformation email that it had been reset ,It did not resolve issue. I have submitted a reset for my 90 year old father in-law, but have my doubts that it will resolve issue :( good luck with yours
  • Well just got a confirmation that my ID was reset, It didn't resolve the problem. I will try to submit one for my 90 year old father in-law which i don't know if that is possible to submit for second party .
  • Like a lot of us this your first time on this forum because TEAM VIEWER is locking us out. At this point all you can do is request a reset Sry it won't let me post link I have no idea if it will work, they say it might take one or two business days to resolve . Good luck
  • Thank You for responding , I have performed the reset . Hopefully it is working by Mon
  • I see that they are merging the posts, maybe if Team Viewer would be so kind as to respond to the problem.
  • Well isn't this just wonderful, at a time when a lot of seniors homes are in covid lockdown .It would be nice if Team Viewer would at the very least acknowledge the problem .I use it to help my 90 year old father in-law . I thank you and appreciate that you allowed us to use free version, but this very disappointing and is…
  • I'm having the same problem for at least a couple of weeks now, very disappointing I use it to help out my 90 year old father in-law. It now has become totally useless :( . It sure would be nice if IT from TEAM could give us some direction. I sure can't afford $60.00 a month subscription.