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  • Hi, Is it possible that Android device using G SUITE (or WORKSPACE) account (my own domain name) is condidered automatically as a commercial device/connection ? (Because in my case I am using G suite account , my own domain on Google, but I have got it for my perosnal / playing / testing - purposes , I really do no…
  • It seems TV consider a connection form work PC to home PC as a commerical use - even in case the purpose is "familiar". Since most normal people work, the question is, is TV free for anyone at all?
  • Me too. I don't understand why I'm considered as a commercial. Why did it happen after so many years of use? In addition, I have found that it applied to my entire account. My PC, my parents PC and sisters PC which I manage remotely stop working , after I added an Android mobile once and it got "infected" as a…
  • I have been using TV for personal purposes on a PC for years. I also installed the Andorid application. But that doesn't allow me to use the managment, connections... It considers me a business user. Why?