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  • @Lynda Normally the TV session would logged off when you manually select exit TeamViewer option. If you are using SSO Login you should not face any problem otherwise while signing in please enable the checkbox "Keep me signed in" and give it a try. If it is not helpful share your exact usecase which you want to acheive…
  • @gio888 In order to connect form Computers and Contacts, first you have to add the remove computer to your Computers list. To add, go the Computers and Contacts tab and select the group to which you have to add and then select Add Computer form the options. Now provide details of the remote computer and now you are all…
  • @testerdavi Remote Support Sessions were not supported in Free License. If you are in Trail Period you could use could use them for limited period. Once trial is expired you have to purchase the license to continue using it. It would have been better if proper error message is shown up. Have a good day!
  • Hello @Natascha Please clarify if I need to buy license to start and connect to support session from service queue or is other any other issue preventing me from connecting. I'm struck with this issue for a couple of weeks. Your help is very much appreciated. TV Version: 14.6.4835 Atleast you could have replied back, After…
  • Hello, Can someone explain me what is tenant_id and tenant_nonce in the following post ? Also clarify if there is any API for unattended remote control.
  • Thanks @Ying_Q for your reply.. Regards, Kuppo
  • Hi @Ying_Q , Thanks for taking your time to write the explanation. I just have one more question, all TeamViewer app is uniquely identified by the client-id. I believe Community have already created an application for syncing the user data. Is it possible to create such app for my custom application too? Usecase: I have a…
  • Hi, If you are the first time user of the app then make sure to check the below steps once the screen recording app added in control center, 1. Once the connection is established with other person, don't click on start broadcasting icon in TV app. 2. Instead slide up control center and 3D touch / hold on the screen…