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  • First tip for you, read the thread. Just above your post, ive written something that "might" help you...or it wont. No guarantee´s. GL.
  • Resetting your account might work, no guarantees tho. Some users report that it works and some claims it doesnt help at all. My desktop for example, worked to reset. But my laptop still gets timeouts after between 30seconds - 2minutes even tho i reset it.
  • Well, this doesnt solve the issue at all. Stop spreading false info. Ive used that form to reset my both ID´s, still get the timeout over and over. The solution you are suggesting is only for "suspected comercial use detected", it does not resolve the "timout 1 minute issue".
  • Nah doesnt help, i have reset both my laptop and desktop ID. Still get timeout.
  • Okej, so I used the form to reset my teamviewer IDs. The "solution" for comercial used detected issue. Got a email from TS staff: We have successfully reset the TeamViewer ID(s) you submitted via the form provided earlier. We acknowledge that you are using TeamViewer for private use only on these devices. Tried yesterday…
  • Its strange that they dont adress this in this thread tho, thats its same issue. Ive sent in the form yesterday, awaiting to try if it fixes it. Will post results.
  • They merged thread with a "commercial use thread" for some strange reason. This problem started around 25 february, but they keep merging every thread speaking of "timeouts" to this thread instead, ignoring the real issue.
  • Exacly, this is a bug. But teamviwer staff ignores it. I even got a warning for pointing out the problem, even tho the problem ISNT resolved. This is NOT a commercial use problem, its a timeout problem.
  • Teamviwer staff, can you please adress this? Why arent you here in forums trying to give people information on whats going on? Is your strategy to ignore the free users? If you are that money hungry, atleast do a "private home version" that is cheaper? The business versions are way to expensive for a private person using…
  • This is exacly the thing. It has nothing to do with comercial use. Its a bug that creates a timeout and the teamviewer company ignores it, since we arent paying customers with free version. They still havent adressed it or answered any questions about it, just seems to pretend its raining. Have used TV for several years…
  • Fix this asap. Stop ignoring it.
  • Yeah, seriously. These moderators are completely stupid. There is no logic, no thought. 0 Hopes of this company to solve this issue anytime soon with this method. You can merge me to now. GL
  • After a 25 February update of TeamViewer, Free Licence users will be logged out after about 30 seconds when connecting to any other computer. The user will get a message that says "Your TeamViewer session has timed out and will be closed". You will then be blocked from reconnecting for a couple of minutes. If you try again…
  • "According to an older post in a blog from Aug. 2018, the reason behind this is that users are flagged as commercial" This is not the issue here and users dont get that message. We get a message about TIMEOUT, not about anything detected or any commercial suspicions. The forum staff merged 2 different threads for some…
  • I have exact same problem and if I try to connect again i will get new msg I timed out and will be blocked for 1 minute. If restart app, you will get 30 more seconds...then timeout again.