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  • FYI: One little trick I just found out is you can download and install version 14, then, from WITHIN the version 14 application, click on the menu option for check for updates, and it will download (as of today 1/3/22) version 15.2.2756, NOT anything newer which is great, as it will work correctly, with the older OS…
  • Yes, you can find them here:
  • @Mohammed132 I've seen this happen sometimes on Macintosh computers, and I usually find that if I change the screen resolution, then it works normally again. You should be able to do this on your end, once connected to the remote computer, by clicking upon the 'view' menu, then selected 'screen resolution' and change it…
  • @djcrone Sure thing. Glad you've got the option for a 2nd computer, as that can really help! you may wish to also consider disabling auto-updates, and only do them when it's a good safe time to do so, say, once a month, or every 3 months, or whatever. Also, I'll try to attach a screen shot of the setting I was referring to…
  • @maor97 You may wish to contact TeamViewer support, and see if there is anything they can do, I'm not sure. If not, you may have start all over and re-create your TeamViewer accounts and setup as if brand new. as per :…
  • I may be mistaken about TeamViewer support being able to de-activate the 2FA: as per : "Do not send the recovery code unencrypted via email since this could give an unauthorized user access to it. After…
  • @Thiagobessa Howdy, I had a similar issue once in the past, and a relatively quick call to TeamViewer support resolve the issue. I was stuck in a catch-22 as I couldn't access the phone lost in the ocean, that had the 2FA code in the Google Authenticator App, but they helped me out after providing them all my information…
  • @djcrone Howdy, Although the other person @Vatsilidis was correct in showing you the link regarding the initial setup of TeamViewer on the newer macOS versions (10.14 Mojave & 10.15 Catalina), that require specifically manually ALLOWING access via System preference settings on the remote computer, ie: granting permission…
  • Howdy, I've never noticed this before, until recently upgrading my TeamViewer client application to version 14. Now, apparently, even for a PAID "business" user account, that option is greyed out, and can not be un-checked, either in the TeamViewer client application, nor in the web portal 'management console'. I should…
  • You may wish to check on TeamViewer's posted listing of system compatibility information at : -- Which states basically yes as follows: Windows XP SP3 ¹ TeamViewer 3-14 ¹ Internet Explorer 8.0 or later is required.