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  • Hallo @Markovicz vielen Dank für Deine Anfrage. Für Deinen Raspberry Pi Zero haben wir eine spezielle TeamViewer Version, welche auch die armv5 Architektur unterstützt. Du findest diese unter Logge Dich einfach mit deinem TeamViewer Konto ein und navigiere gleich zu "Add Device" um den…
  • Hi @speaktoomey Yes, sure. Please contact us via this form to get in touch with us directly and help you on mass provisioning: Thanks, Patrick
  • Hi @jspek At the moment, you can only connect FROM a Windows TeamViewer client, that is correct, yes. We are working on deploying the IoT technology on other TeamViewer clients as well but at the moment, IoT devices can only be reached from a Windows PC. Hope, that helps. Let us know if you ahve any other questions. Best…
  • Hello @jspek Thank you for your post. Right, if you have the the latest version of the TeamViewer IoT agent installed, you are able to use a Remote Terminal within the TeamViewe connection (like SSH) without having to set any exceptions on your Firewall. Please make sure to update the IoT agent in order to use the Remote…
  • Hello @jwilsonatvars Thank you for your post on our Community. In order to assist with you with mass provisioning on your Raspberry Pi s, we will contact you directly. The suggested way will not work unfortunately and we would like to work with you on a method to easily povision your hundreds of Pi s. Best regards, Patrick
  • Hello @Spyder_123 Thank you for your post on our community. Can you clarify, what software you have installed on your flashrouter? Is it the TeamViewer IoT agent, TeamViewer Host, ... ? We look forward to your response! Patrick
  • Hallo Harri, der Fehler hängt mit der verbundenen Lizenz zusammen. Könntest Du hierzu bitte über unsere Kontaktseite einen Fall für unser Support-Team aufmachen, dass wir die erforderlichen Lizenzdaten haben: Viele Grüße Patrick 
  • Hallo Harri, danke für das Feedback. Dann scheint es wohl doch nicht die armv5el Version zu sein, die Du benötigst, daher würde ich es mit der hier im nächsten Schritt versuchen:…
  • Hallo Harri, danke für Deine Nachricht. Für Deine DS211j sollte das folgende Paket das richtige sein: Probiere es doch bitte ein mal und weise es Deinem TeamViewer Konto zu.…
  • Dear @squeege Thank you for posting your question on our Community.. Can you advise, which TeamViewer version you have installed on your Raspberry Pi / where did you download the package from? Also, since the trial message is related to your TeamViewer license, we will need further details to investigate, hence can you…
  • Hello Hendrik, Thank you for posting your question on our Community. We are happy, this is now working for you without any issues and you can connect to your Siemens Logo´s WebUI via a Rasbperry Pi as Gateway. The HTML forward to the Siemens Logo device via meta tags on the HTML code works without any issues. If you have…
  • Hi @acvoliveira We are glad, you were able to solve this. During the installation of the IoT agent, you enter your username and password of your TeamViewer account and your Raspberry Pi will then appear on your TeamViewer Computer & Contacts list. Also, the device will be accessible from your TeamViewer Management Console.…
  • @Unique421 Thank you for your follow up. That is indeed my bad, I apologize. I just sent you a message.
  • Hi @Unique421 Thank you for posting the issue you are encountering with the browser opening the connection to your local webserver on the Pi, It is correct, the browser used to open the web application is an embedded version of a browser with limited functionality for a smaller footprint. We are reviewing your request, how…
  • Hi @acvoliveira As you figured out, there are 2 versions of TeamViewer to install on a Raspberry Pi: "TeamViewer Host for Raspberry Pi" for full remote desktop (please disregard since you don´t have a GUI) "TeamViewer IoT" for remote shell access and remote web application on the Raspberry Pi While @DomLan is correct…
  • Please go to and open a ticket for our Support team stating your TeamViewer ID and your partners TeamViewer ID, so our coworkers can check why this message is shown. Thank you
  • Dear @meslanksa Please send us your license ID and your and your partners TeamViewer ID to Thanks!
  • Glad, I could help. Let us know if you have any other question and we will be happy to assist.
  • @jenyalex Sure. It is a direct connection with a secure end-to-end encryption. You can learn more about Security at Please do let us know if that leaves any of your questions unanswered.
  • Hi @jenyalex Thank you for posting your question about utilizing TeamViewer on PoS systems. It is correct, you need to have a TeamViewer full version installed on your Windows PC (or another Operatinng System) to connect to the PoS devices in your network. With the TeamViewer full version installed on your Windows PC and…