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  • Been rebuilding my laptop last few days after a new HDD and clean install. This includes copying installation and other files & software etc from my desktop to my lappy, yet today when i fire up to finish off, yet again im blocked for commercial use!! They did this to me several months ago when I was problem solving with…
  • seriously ive been thinking about this since the last fiasco. Somewhere along the line i guess someone got the message and unlocked my account, but why the **bleep** they dont make a note on the system is beyond me. ive yet to find a decent remote access client that works well and has functionality like TV, but when I…
  • same issue, different cause. Im rebuildng my lappy and transferring installation files from my desktop software archive and now AGAIN, ive been blocked for commercial use when its my home desktop and laptop 6 feet apart in the same room! Need help getting any progress - cant submit a ticket for a free user, cant find…
  • i have a PC across the room from me, and im sat in front of my laptop that im rebuilding after a new HDD and clean install. Ive just fired it up to finish off, and I find, lo and behold, YET AGAIN TV have wrongly blocked me for commercial use. They did this about 9 months ago and it took me ages to find a route to…
  • i had the same issue after upgrading my desktop and Lappy from 11 to 12 about a month ago. I ended up uninstalling and reinstalling 12, doing a registry wipe using ccleaner, rebooting and then reinstalling 12 which made zero difference. I repeated this and reinstalled 11. still zero difference I dont have installation…