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  • @TomN1 For obvious reasons, they will never give us a clue either!
  • @xs1 It's no wonder you're flagged as you log on from an office PC. There are smarter ways to access your mail anyway. If you use the IMAP protocol you can read your e-mail from anywhere: in a browser on your office PC, from your phone etcetera. If your managers at work considered it important that you were able to access…
  • @AEH I'm sure it's annoying if you just support a private person and that route is cut off. I have no experience wit it myself - I support about five people in my circle without problems. I agree it would be best if TV addressed this issue. It's fine if people complain about it. I was adressing those people in particular,…
  • @Bebbspoke As a former developer I can tell you that developing software is an immensely complex process with thousands of variables. In reality, thousands of errors are made. Many of them will not ever surface as the conditions that trigger the error will not occur. Or they will only occur rather infrequently. Anyway,…
  • It seems to me, @JJxVortechx that TeamViewer doesn't need to prove anything. It's up to YOU to prove that your use is private. Secondly and most importantly, read the sticky post on What it clearly says is…
  • @Esther My TIP/RECOMMENDATION to Teamviewer would be to change the messages people are getting. Your EULA says it fine, but many people here seem to be not willing or able to read. Instead of the message "commercial use detected" I think the phrasing "non-private use detected" would prevent a lot of questions. In that case…
  • @Leling What's the relevance of mentioning that you use it commercially at work, if your complaint is about the free version you use at home? I suppose you're not using the same account at work and at home at least?
  • @Zavid Read the EULA (you should have done so already, before instaliing or using it!), and it's very clear you're not entitled to the free version. What you call academic purpose isn't private and I'm sure that you're compensated for your work. The same applies for all these non-too-smart people here who work for a…
  • I suppose it would help if you directed your query to the right place, not "General Questions" on a forum. AFAIK know you can communicate about billing issues on Blizz also has its own pages here:
  • If this answer comes through I apparently don't have the problem. Does it happen with any reply, or do you use unusual symbols?
  • @Giovanni7 (and @starcast), have you followed the guide on to uninstall TeamViewer? Deleting the relevant registry items as described there should help. Otherwise you could consider using Revo Uninstaller.