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  • Hallo, hört sich jetzt erstmal nicht so richtig wichtig an. Wie dringend ist eine Aktualisierung von 12.0.259178 auf 12.0.259192? Eine solche Einschätzung mitzugeben fände ich doch sehr sinnvoll, auch zukünftig. mfg Sascha
  • @A2theB wrote:I would think that being able to setup auto-updates for the MSI version would be strongly desired by many and is a sure miss here by the TeamViewer team. not for me, one of the first things i want to disable is the update notification. If you use MSI for installation you mostly use some software deployment…
  • If you have 300 different clients == 300 different hosts (on different/distant Windows Server) which are not connected together because their are property of different clients. How do you want to automatically update TeamViewer host on them without loging to them ? EDIT: this question is purely technical ... no malice ...…
  • @Kokek wrote:And when you press update on a versio 12 host it installs a version 15 and kills your licence. Just another little thing that annoys costumers. And now we(it admins) need to update over 300 hosts manually because you cant make your software look for updates just for the version 12. Terrible and annoying dont…
  • @sirmicho wrote:Hi @Esther Hello My Teamviewer 12 client says it's 12.0.258869 (so it's the latest version), but the date is July 13 2020. And now I'm confused. Am I working on the latest, patched vesrion, or not? same here so i guess its correct build date of the exe is earlier than release date
  • Hi @Esther , thx for information. Sounds like update is needed. Regards, Sascha
  • and how important is it to deploy updated version that in our company? No infos about CVE 2020-13699 found....
  • how important is it to deploy this version? Is this security related?