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  • I still haven't heard a word from TV... I filled out their form, signed it, sent it back and crickets... I don't get it. I maybe, MAYBE use it twice a month, if that, sometimes months go by without using it. There is absolutely no reason I should have been suspicious of "high activity". AFTER a decade of use, on a personal…
  • I don't have this exact issue. I have a issue that I have been blocked, but not for commercial, instead, for high activity, what ever that means. I posted about it on the board, but I don't understand, I uses it once in a while on my home computers, maybe a dozen times in the past 6 months.
  • I use TeamViewer on my home computers. These are the computers my Wife, kids and I use for entertainment and school. I have an IT background, so I am the one who fixes issues for the family computers. Today, my 13yo daughter called from a friend's house. They wanted to watch a movie on Amazon Prime. Since I do not give our…