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  • Hi , so I am trying to understand why after multiple free lisence reset submissions my free lisence is still not reset. It also seems that Teamviewer makes it impossible to communicate with support staff. Can anyone here clarify who to contact tomhave my account reset as I only use it to help family. thanks
  • Hi I have submitted the reset for twice. I have added all the IDs I access to help my family with their pc and phones. I have not heard back from support. Is Teamviewer free still free, I do not understand why I had to reset it in 2021 and now again, to prove that I only use it for friends and family. It also seem…
  • Same here it has been 2 weeks now and I have not heard a thing back
  • I help my old patents with their phones and computer. This is the second time it suspects commercial use. It has been nearly a week now and it has not reset. I can only assume Teamviewer was hacked and is unsafe to use because this is the second time in 2 years this happens and thus someone else must be using it…
  • Hi I am being disconnected now as I think my account was wrongly flagged as commercial use. How do I reset my account to personal use.