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  • Without having done anything: Problem is solved and everything is working perfectly well again. I guess that it had something to do with TeamViewer Server. Now I'm happy again, thank you TeamViewer
  • From one day to the next everything is solved and is working perfectly again. It had to had something to do with the TeamViewer server. Now everything is working again, thank you TeamViewer
  • Hallo, bei mir funktioniert es nicht: Wenn ich den Mac restarte kann ich mich nicht einloggen. Dies ist erst möglich, wenn ich mich auf meinem Mac als Benutzer angemeldet habe. Unter den Mac-Systemeinstellungen ist "allow in the background" aktiv mit "4 Objekte, 2 Objekte betreffen alle Benutzer", die auf Ihrer Website…
  • I have the same problem on a iMac with OS10.12.5 and TeamViewer 12, Mac systems before and TeamViewer 11 with Mac 10.12 worked perfectly well: Trying to log into a remote windows-computer needs a very long time (5 min), then it works without problems. While waiting the screen shows "Negotiating connection". I emptied the…