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  • Hello... From your text, I am not clear about what your issue is. Here are three scenarios that I got from your text: Your computer goes into sleep mode automatically after 2 hours, and when it is in sleep mode you cannot see your computer listed as online? If that is the case, this is normal. After your computer has gone…
  • Where are you trying to install the app? Windows, Linux, Mac, Mobile? Also, which of the TeamViewer apps are you trying to install? Give us more details, so we can attempt to help you.
  • Hello, I just fixed the issue. I granted ALL FILES ACCESS to both apps and I was able to log in right away. I do not understand why this permission is needed for a login, but that is how I fixed it. Please, pass on these details to the team. Thanks.
  • Hello! Thanks for getting back to me. There are no error messages. The login process just times out and it goes back to the login credential prompts. It is the same behavior for both Host and TeamViewer apps. In regards to the internet connection, it is working properly. I have tried with my home ISP, the cellular signal,…
  • Hello... Same issue here. None of the above solutions have worked for me. The app doesn't show up in the Startup of Windows, the checkbox for "Close to tray menu" is checked but grayed out. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app 4 times; no luck. I am running version 15.36.8 (64 bit).