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  • I'm trying to connect to a partner computer. TeamViewer asked me to update in order to connect. I did and updated succesfully. However it is till asking me to update when I attempted again to connect. See screenshots.
  • Problem solved. Seems that Mac computer naming has nothing to do with Teamviewer naming. I had to go to "Computers and Contacts", edit properties and change alias. My mistake was I assumed that name assigned by Mac System is the same as what Team Viewer uses. Lots to learn. Thanks!
  • Thank you for the help. I tried it. Unfortunately, it didn't solve it. I'm getting an error: "This computer or contact is already in your list" * It's definitely not in my list. That's precisely the reason for this issue report. * I also notice that Team Viewer is labeling "This Computer" to my other computer when I am…