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  • Thanks again Esther, A thought for the Knowledge Base article and a suggestion for future development of Teamviewer. 1. The thought. If my friend doesn't have active Black or whitelists, is there an option for me to turn them off? Or once activated are they there for ever/should my friends TeamViewer have them activated…
  • Hello Esther, Yes, that has solved the problem and my friend was able to join a meeting I started this evening. So very many thanks for your help. One thing I'm not sure about (and it may, possibly, help anyone looking at this query in future). Is it just the people and computers I have listed in my full version of…
  • Many thanks, Esther. I've found the black and while lists and there is no-one blacklisted. In the whitelist only I am listed, so either this entry has happened automatically in some way, or I'd forgotten that I've added myself to this list. I do connect to my home computer from my laptop when I'm away, so that could be why…
  • As you can see from my previous messages, people can't join a meeting I've started, though I can join one started by someone else. In an attempt to solve this, I downloaded 'TV Meeting' onto my Android mobile phone, set up a meeting on my computer and tried to join it from my mobile phone. Having entered the meeting ID on…
  • I /think/ I've solved it myself. When my phone screen opens on my computer it starts out as a screen share session. But if one expands the screen to full screen or in a window, a set of controls appear at the top, similar to the ones when using remote access to a computer. And clicking the 'File sharing and extras' tab, an…
  • In an attempt to connect, we have both downgraded today to Teamviewer version 12. When I started the meeting and my friend tried to join it, sdame thing happened, his acceptance just disappeared and he wasn't able to join my meeting. So we tried it the other way round, with him starting the meeting and me joining it. And…