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  • HELLO TEAM VIEWER, DOES ANYONE ACTUALLY WORK HERE????? I have done everything you have asked for and still NO response or restoration. I started this process February 20, then when I was asked to fill out the exemption form, did that on March 4. Now over a week later from that STILL ZERO RESPONSE. This thread is full of…
  • So, I've put in my request to go back to the free versionin mid February. Sent in the additional form on March 4, and STILL have not been restored. Why in the world does this take so long, and why doesn't anyone respond????? Customer service for TV is absolutely horrible!
  • TeamViewer, have you ever thought of the fact that it takes so long for you to resolve these issues that there is no way that the majority if not all of us could be using this commercially, or we would be losing tons of business?? Doesn't even make any sense. If all these people were using it commercially, thier business…
  • I have sent a ticket for "commercial use detected", filled out the form and emailed it back in and still no response. Why does this take so long to resolve, and why can't anyone take the time to respond to tickets/forms/inquiries?? This process is insanely long!
  • Completely agree! I have been waiting for more than 7 days with NO response.
  • I am having the Commercial Use Detected problem. I had the same problem many months ago and it was resolved and my TV was set back to free, now it has happened again. I submitted a ticket, but it was more than 7 days ago and still no one has contacted me nor has my TV been reset to free. Why is there no way to speak to…