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  • I am getting the same issue (Session Timeout & Unable to Connect). This has been happening multiple times and it is very frustrating when trying to help someone. My ISP is Spectrum. I am using Win10 with TeamViewer ver. 15.37.3 I would appreciate any suggestions as I am using a Free License since I only help one person…
  • The Chromebook user is in another state and had to leave for a little while. I have (via text message) stayed in contact and when they get back home they will contact me so I can get the information you are asking. I will respond with what you requested then. Thanks for all your support. Sincerely
  • Below is some information I have found regarding TeamViewer on Google Play: TeamViewer Remote Control: Use this app to remotely control other devices (but the Chromebook does not have a Partner ID for my Win10 computer to connect to.) TeamViewer QuickSupport: Get support for your mobile device from any Windows or Mac…
  • Additionally, when I searched for TeamViewer QuickSupport, I found that it is for support "Mobile Devices from...", see below: Sincerely,
  • Thank you for your quick response. After reviewing the link above, it looks like it is for "outgoing remote connections..." only. The issue is that the Chromebook person needs ME to connect to their Chromebook and not them connect to me. Is that still possible? See pic below