• I'm an amateur radio operator and a member of the Air Force MARS program which is a total volunteer organization. I'm retired, receive no pay and support other MARS members with their software and computer issues. I've used TeamViewer for years and like others, I started receiving pop up messages, then features being…
  • I have the same problem on Raspberry Pi2. If you install it fresh it works. You can attach to your account and it works fine. However, reboot the Pi and it stops working. Doesn't recognize it's already attached to an account. Says it's not working. I get the same message window you posted. Larry Bryan
  • Having same issue here. Connected this morning to my partner and now I"m getting the same cannot connect message. Thing is, I can send him a message with no problem, but cannot connect. Been connecting with this partner off and on for over 2 years and now cannot.