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  • Hi @DMRCPA, Thank you for visiting TeamViewer Community! When the connection cut off, did you see any error message from TeamViewer? What did it say? Meanwhile, may I ask you kindly try to restart TeamViewer services on both sides and then try again for the connections? Keep me posted about your progress. Best, Ying_Q
  • Hi @DGMPAIT_2175, Thank you for visiting TeamViewer Community! May I ask you to perform the following actions or checklist please: Group permission - if you are the group owner of SC Horsley Park? Or if the group is shared by other user, do you have the permission of read and write on the shared group. Device ID - If you…
  • Hi @limesmj, I am so sorry to hear that! Would you mind sending the related order information to me via PM please? I will help to forward the case to the responsible team. Hope I am able to help you out! Best, Ying_Q
  • Hi @limesmj, Thank you for visiting TeamViewer Community! In this case for activating the Remote Access license on your side, It would be easier to sign up for a new email address as a TeamViewer account, and then try license activation with a new TeamViewer Account. If you prefer to contact TeamViewer Support Team for…
  • Hi @DanG2023, Thank you for raising this question about Option password with us! Option password is about the additional layer for protecting your definedTeamViewer settings from change from others. This password can be used for the same password or a different password from the TeamViewer account. You may find out…
  • Hi @Geoff24, Welcome to TeamViewer Community and share your TeamViewer experience with us! May I first ask you to read the FAQ about the remote control issue - Why Can't I Control My Android Device? TeamViewer offers a wide range of Android devices for remote control but Beelink is not yet the supported manufacturer with…
  • @WHH666 @1774 @garrix 您好! 感谢您的留言和截图分享! TeamViewer 团队正在查看该使用问题,请您耐心等候! 如有更多更新,社区管理员将尽快在社区分享。 多谢您的理解! Ying_Q
    dans VPN安装失败 Commentaire de Ying_Q 5 févr.
  • @TIGER123 您好! 感谢您的留言!很抱歉听到您遇到了连线问题。 如果您已经购买了 TeamViewer 授权计划,欢迎您联系 TeamViewer 支持团队获得帮助。 或者,请您提供 相应的问题信息如: 设备操作系统,TeamViewer 版本,出现的错误信息等。 恭候您的回复! Ying_Q
    dans TEAMVIEW 断线 Commentaire de Ying_Q 3 févr.
  • @William123 您好! 感谢您的留言! 请注意,TeamViewer 账户只能绑定一个手机号码。 如果该邮箱地址已经在 TeamViewer 系统中注销,请您耐心等候,绑定的手机号码也将释放。 多谢您的理解! Ying_Q
    dans 手机重复验证 Commentaire de Ying_Q 2 févr.
  • @Chares 您好! 感谢您的回复! 请您将相应的授权信息通过 私信形式发送给社区管理员。 Ying_Q
  • @Chares 您好! 感谢您的留言! 请问您的连接双方的操作系统和 TeamViewer 软件版本分别是什么? Ying_Q
  • @BOLE 您好! 感谢您的留言! 请您提供更多有关连接的设定和双方设备的信息。 同时请您尝试重启 TeamViewer 服务后再次尝试连接,并尝试更换验证方式。 Ying_Q
  • Hi @acessmesse234, Welcome to the TeamViewer Community and it is nice to see you and your post here. There are two different scenarios about this topic of changing the owner of the Customised module: Within the same Company profile - the admin user account owner will be able to transfer all the creations like modules,…
  • Hi @Skwerecop, We are sorry to hear about the disappointment. May I ask again to contact TeamViewer Support Team ☎ and they are able to resend the activation link to you. Thank you for your support and understanding on getting the issue to be resolved. Best, Ying_Q
    dans No activation email Commentaire de Ying_Q 23 janv.
  • Hi @Compman, Thank you for raising the question in the TeamViewer Community! To stop auto-renewal on TeamViewer invoices, you may first visit TeamViewer Customer Portal for a manual update or simply contact TeamViewer Support Team with a support ticket📩. We are sorry for the limited help provided help but hope you will get…
  • Hi @Luik80, Welcome to the TeamViewer Community! The color of TeamViewer windows depends on the color of the theme of Windows, you are able to adjust it to any color you like. Hope it would brighten up the day with a different color. Best, Ying_Q
    dans Remote control session Commentaire de Ying_Q 23 janv.
  • Hi @genesi, Thank you for visiting the Community and sharing your question with us. May I kindly ask you to check if your TeamViewer license comes with Mobile Device Support (MDS) please? You may be able to find it on the TeamViewer invoice. For mobile connections to mobile devices, it does require the additional MDS with…
    dans Quick support message Commentaire de Ying_Q 23 janv.
  • @PURELY 新年好! 请问是在使用中遇到什么问题? TeamViewer 使用时弹出了什么错误信息提示? 如果需要取消订单,请您联系 TeamViewer 支持团队 并提交工单进行退款。 祝您兔年大吉! Ying_Q
  • @刘升金先生 您好! 感谢您的留言! 如上述记录,请您确认是需要删除 TeamViewer 账户还是 TeamViewer 社区账户? 删除 TeamViewer 账户可以自行登录 TeamViewer 管理控制台进行,或者使用英文发邮件至 [email protected],会有专门的团队为您跟进。 如果是需要删除 TeamViewer 社区账户,请您将相关的账户信息发送 给社区管理员进行后续查看和确认。 多谢您的理解! Ying_Q
    dans 注销账户 Commentaire de Ying_Q 17 janv.
  • Hi @ygrowup, It is great to have you post in the TeamViewer Community! As we cannot assist with licensing-related questions in the Community, we kindly advise you to contact TeamViewer Support Team☎ for further discussion on the license. We appreciate your understanding and hope you will be happy with the discussion and…
  • @Mr_Lin708090 您好! 请问在安卓设备上是选择了哪一个 TeamViewer app? 基于需要完成无人值守的动作,建议使用 TeamViewer Host 且完成账户分配动作,这样可以方便进行无人值守连接。 Ying_Q
  • @weiiiii 您好! 感谢您的留言! TeamViewer于德国时间2023 年1月10日下午曾出现连线问题,同时也在该时间段解决了。 请您尝试 重启 TeamViewer 服务后再次进行连接。 更多TeamViewer 服务器状态信息,欢迎随时访问 TeamViewer 状态页面。 多谢您的理解! Ying_Q
  • @NIUBI 您好! 烦请您将使用受影响的 outlook 邮箱 以私信形式发送给社区管理员进行后续查看。 多谢您的理解! Ying_Q
  • Hi @Thiennhie89vnm, Thank you for the quick update and confirmation about the issue! I am glad that the issue was resolved on your side.🙌 Sharing this general reminder to you and all TeamViewer users that We recommend trying to restart TeamViewer services on your devices when it is possible in your case. Wish you a…
  • Hi @Thiennhie89vnm, Thank you for reaching out to us again in the Community! The issue might or might not be the same cause as last time. Can you kindly share additional information like the error message, and the connection set up please. May I also ask you to restart TeamViewer services on both sides of the connections?…
  • Hi @thomassa, Thank you for reaching out to us in the Community! If it happens to receive multiple authorisation emails from TeamViewer in your email inbox, can you kindly open and authorise the last email and then complete the sign-in process please. Let me know if the issue is solved after retrying. Best, Ying_Q
  • Hi @LucRichter, Thank you for the quick confirmation on the password reset. I am glad that you are able to reset the password successfully! May I ask for more information about the 3 entries you mentioned? Are they the contacts or computers you have saved under your TeamViewer account? If so, can you kindly recall the…
  • Hi @LucRichter, Thank you for contacting us in the Community! Sometimes there is a delay on receiving the emails from TeamViewer. Can I ask you to check both of inbox and spam folders for emails from TeamViewer please? Best, Ying_Q
  • @ioprog2022 您好! 感谢您的留言! 请您向 TeamViewer 支持团队递交工单 📩,会有同事为您进行跟进和确认的。 Ying_Q
  • @llkm 您好! 感谢您的留言! 请您将相关的 TeamViewer 账户以 私信形式 发送给社区管理员。之后为您进行排查。 Ying_Q