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Device authorization

I understand the reason for the device authorization step that was added last year, but there are times when it can be quite annoying.  If I am setting up TV on a computer that is at the far end of the building and I am adding it to my management account, but if I don't have my phone or tablet with me, it means I cannot add that device without making the trip back to my office, opening the email and adding the device. I do understand that TV is trying to be safe, but it would be nice if there was an option that if a device request came from the same IP address (we have static IP on our broadband connection) that the additional device authorization wasn't required.  Just a suggestion.

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Re: Device authorization

@Bryan_APL I completely understand your point, as I know how terrible it is to not have my phone around. Considering the dimension of what you can do with TeamViewer, we think it is extremely important to offer very strong security features to our customers. So in this case, I really recommend using Two Factor authentication with TeamViewer in case you do not want to confirm every computer you add via e-mail. This of course means that you will need to carry around your phone but you will not need to use e-mail. This option also works without internet access.