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Wake on lan issues


I have followed instructions for this.  Using an iMac with Yosemite.  Have a router and a dyndns hostname.  

1.  I'm no longer getting a 'wake up' button on other devices.

2. I can wake up the computer from within my LAN with an app like Mocha, but cannot wake it up from an outside address despite doing everything your instructions say. Following instructions to wake up to a specific computer in my LAN.  Not sure what IP to use to try to wake up all in my LAN from outside but the specific computer wake-up method  should work according to TeamViewer instructions.  

Any suggestions?

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Re: Wake on lan issues

@alamden I am sorry that you are experiencing issues at the moment. Is the computer still assigned to your account? If so, we recommend to re-assign the account once more and then retry if it works then. Otherwise, did you already see our Wake-on-LAN manual? There you will find all necessary steps: https://www.teamviewer.com/docs/en/TeamViewer-Manual-Wake-on-LAN-en.pdf