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I implemented whitelist, whitelisting the entire company.

If i need to grant access to some users outside my company, I need to include both their teamviewer account in the whitelist, and to create a dedicated password in the alternate credentials.

It should be nice to simply include them in the whitelist and let them connect using their teamviewer login password. It should also good if possible to enforce password complexity and/or 2FA to temaviewer accounts connecting to hosts managed by my company...

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Re: Whitelist

@MarSal I recommend to manage your whitelist with a policy from the TeamViewer Management Console. You can then share your own group with this person if you have setup the Easy Access feature for this computer. In this case you do not need to setup a password on the remote computer. You can then remove the permission for the shared group afterwards.

To enforce password complexity and/or 2FA to TeamViewer accounts connecting to hosts managed by your company is currently a feature request and a great idea from your side. I will make sure to inform our product management about your requirements. Please understand that I cannot promise that this will be implemented any time soon.