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Posted by Bryan_APL

Channel usage

We have 3 channels with our package.  At times I get messages that all channels are in use.  As the IT Manager, how can I see what channels are in use, who is using that channel, and what computer they are connected to?

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Posted by Senior Management
Senior Management

Re: Channel usage

@Bryan_APL You can always click on Help - About TeamViewer - Channel Use to see which ID is using the license. With the channel grouping you can assign channels to a specific user or group in the Management Console.

It is currently a feature request to see who is using a specific channel. We have forwarded that to our product management. Please understand that we cannot promise the implementation of this any time soon.

Please note that this option only works on Windows.



Posted by Bryan_APL

Re: Channel usage

Thanks Eduardo.  It would be nice if that information was "buried" like that.  Couldn't that be moved to one of the main screens so that managers can see quickly who is using what?




Posted by brianb

Re: Channel usage

I agree - If a subordinate is using a channel, it'd be nice to be able to know who they are and communicate I need the channel if their action is a candidate for later.