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Announcement: 2nd Expert Chat featuring Eduardo on 26th June

Dear TeamViewer Community,

I am happy to announce the second TeamViewer Community Expert Chat featuring Eduardo on 26th June, 04:00 PM EDT / 10:00 PM CEST.

The session will take place in this board and it will have a duration of 60 minutes.

Feel free to use the Time Converter to find the exact start date for your timezone. Just add "Tampa" and choose "4 pm" on the left side and add your city on the right side to find the right time to join us.

How is it working?

On the above mentioned date and time come over to this board, and post your question. That's it!

To make it as transparent and easy to read for everybody, we want to have one question per topic.

That means, if you have two questions, just start two topics.

Who is the expert of the second Expert Chat?

You already know him from our first Expert Chat back in January and we are happy to provide a second chance to ask Eduardo all our questions in regards to TeamViewer.
If you don´t know him yet: Eduardo is TeamViewers Senior Director of Customer Satisfaction and Tech Support. He started as a Support Engineer here at TeamViewer and is an absolute TeamViewer expert.

I am looking forward to a great session and I am curious to read your questions.

(I will open the board for posts on the 26th June, 04:00 PM EDT / 10:00 PM CEST.)



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