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Trigger POST when session starts

I would like to have an event fired when a session starts/finishes so I can integrate that with my ticketing system. I was looking on the API documentation but couldn't find it yet.

Is it possible?

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Re: Trigger POST when session starts

Hi to all,

I believe the request should be moved to the ideas section. At the moment what is possible to do via API is to periodically query the system (long-polling) and calculate the differences to understand what started and what ended.
Obviously it is a viable, but costly, way also and above all for TeamViewer servers. I imagine that the time is ripe for a decision to implement a webhooks-based exchange system.

(scenario for TV IoT)


The notifications that I believe may be of interest to subscribers are:
- start connections on channels connected to my license;
- end of connection on channel connected to my license;
- rejection of activation of new connection due to exhaustion of channels connected to my license.


Domenico Langone
MCSD: App Builder