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CPU & Memory usage over a time

Monitoring a high CPU & Memory over a specific time and not only onetime topics.
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Re: CPU & Memory usage over a time

Thanks for the question.

Could you explain in a few words what exactly you would gain from seeing these charts for CPU and Memory overtime?

What would be your use case and how it can help you in providing better support for the monitored devices?

Dennis Frei
User Experience Designer
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Re: CPU & Memory usage over a time

Hello Dennis,
I'm not the one who raised the question but certainly someone who will benefits from having such data. I manage not so many endpoints (around 100) but being able to review some past times history of memory or CPU I eventualy will recommend best practices in specific scenarios. Some of the employees are architects and use heavy cpu / memory / video software in very specific functions / rutines in more specific days (before clients meetings for example).

If I can see that  pattern in a daily or weekly basis, being able to see if the memory / cpu was intensive in for about one hour or just for 5 min,  I can understand them more in their work and make more informed desitions about new equipments and recommendations.


Kind Regards,

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Re: CPU & Memory usage over a time

At the moment teamviewer remote management triggers an alert as soon as the CPU value exceeds XX percent. With memory it is exactly the same, an alert is triggered as soon as the number of megabytes is exceeded.

With this settings I get several messages a day although the values are exceeded only for a short time. (as expample in time of a normal daily backup process.)

In the most time CPU & Memory alerts are only important if the value always exeeded over a longer period lke 30minutes or an hour.

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Re: CPU & Memory usage over a time

I would like to +1 this as this would be a great feature  to minimise the alerts throughout the day but have a setting like your offline feature, where if the CPU is at a certain threshhold for say 15, 30, 60, 120 mins, then it can raise alerts.