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Teamviewer Backup

Hi there 

what are the plans regarding Teamviewer Backup?

As of now, I finde somewhat lacking. We use this as a service to our customers, but I miss some features to make it more dependable:

1. Tree view, with the option to choose folders to back up

2. Status emails on succesful or missed backups (or choice regarding this)

3. a progress bar/windows within the backupmodule on the customers PC

4. Fixed account quota - for example customer A: 50GB, Customer B 100 GB and so on. Makes billing/reselling so much easier.


Best regards



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2 Replies
Posted by Remote Management Staff
Remote Management Staff

Re: Teamviewer Backup

Hi @ReneSchou 

Thanks for the question.

At this moment we are developing a new version of our Backup solution which is developed with newer technology. It will allow us to add more features such as the ones you described. 

We hope to release the first version before the end of summer.


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Posted by aussiejoemoe

Re: Teamviewer Backup

Just to add to add to this, it would be great to have a system state backup to backup the entire machine, then be able to download the .ISO and boot to another machine. 

Keep up the good work.