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A new version of Blizz is now available! It comes with a completely redesigned control panel (now at the bottom) and screen sharing for Mac and Windows clients.

What’s new? 

At the bottom:

  • Find local dial-in numbers for 60+ countries right next to your meeting ID. 
  • Click on the monitor icon to choose the screen you want to share.
  • Say something without interrupting: Click on the speech ballons to start a chat.
  • Instantly invite a new participant to your meeting by one click.


On the top:

  • Control for presenter
  • Start and end recording your meeting anytime. (available with Crew & Company licences)
  • Blizz shows your screen by default when you start a meeting – You are in control! Pause, resume or end sharing your screen anytime. 


...and much more. 


What do you think?

Your feedback is of top priority - So take part in our survey now! 


Windows (Participant and presenter view)Paneless-Community_EN_windows.png

Mac (Participant and presenter view) Paneless-Community_EN_mac.png



Hello, it is a pity that one can no longer choose the programs that will be transmitted. This has been the case since the update.

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Congratulations to the team. This looks really awesome and is very intuitive to use. 

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@Flower1204: Thank you very much for your feedback. We are still working on some issues and will provide them as soon as possible. Application sharing will come on Windows. It's already available on Mac. If this feature is important for you, you can switch back to the old UI via Options > Profile > deactive "Use new user interface". 



Very nice compared to the previous access!

I just wish you had a way like the other companies to track the attendees.  When we have multiple attendees we don't know who they are unless they specifically change their name and stopping in the middle of the presentation is not acceptible.  The other competitors have ability to give an identified invitation to one email/individual which makes the tracking process excellent to allow reporting of attendes.

In my case I am doing certification for servicing and installing products.  I love your service except for this.  I really don't want to shift vendors, but I may have to.

I am sure that other subscribers are facing this problem with larger seminars where reporting is crucial to the execution of the presentation or where adult learning credits or certifications are required.

This would keep you at par with others.

Love your service otherwise!

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Dear Rob_R,

thank you so much for your feedback.

I do get your specific point.

The easiest way to solve that issue by now is, that you ask the participants of your meeting already in advance to sign up a Blizz account (it’s for free) and let them set their profile names before. They would benefit also staying signed in and use their Blizz accounts for further meetings easily.

At the moment, there is no other solution we can provide to you, but I hope this will help you in the meanwhile. We will consider discussing a solution how to support this use case better in future.

Best regards, Hilal

Please Blizz support, can you update your video tutorial on Youtube with this new IU ? Thank you


Congrats to the new User Interface - It's much more intuitive now!

We all love it

However we miss 2 features, we wanted to use in the near future:

- Whiteboard

- Document Sharing

We hope, these features soon to come back! What are your plans regarding these 2 features?

Best Regards


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Dear Patrick,

thank you so much for your positive feedback!

We already have both features in our Backlog - File sharing to come very soon.

Concerning "Whiteboard" we do investigate already in research to find a solution which fits best.

Stay tuned - we will update and announce news in our Blizz Community.

Best Regards, Hilal


@wolframnagelThat's good news. But my main concern was that the participant on my computer could type in something. So he gets control of my mouse or keyboard.


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@Flower1204 Hi Andreas. We do not offer any remote control features. Some more detals are explained in this separate post

If you want to provide more feedback and collaborate with us in shaping the future of Blizz you can apply for our User Focus Program



Hello. Did the "scaling" options get completely removed or are they just moved to a different place? I can't seem to find a way to change this with the new interface.



TeamViewer Staff

@doctapeppa: Thank you for your comment. There's no scaling anymore. The shared screen is always displayed as large as possible. Do you want to tell us why you you searched for this option? 



I would love an elaboration on why the saved sessions are in a proprietary file format, and not a standard file like a .mov or .mp4 or any other video file that could be easily shared with a client or perhaps uploaded to a video hosting site. This really is a shot within your own foot so-to-speak; making it proprietary. Until you're either able to a) export to a usable and shareable format, or b) record/save originally within a sharable format, Blizz will be unusable for a tremendous amount of users. 

Blizz Staff

Hi @muntz, it is possible to convert a recorded session to a video format. Please see this topic with the same question.


Hi. I am new to this and hope I am doing this right..........

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Feel free to visit our Knowledge Base Article section. The articles are directed to the new interface.