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Dear Community Members, 

We are very happy and proud to announce this great news:

The Blizz Web Client is now available! 

Blizz now supports WebRTC -  a pure web browser based version of Blizz designed to make your online meetings even more simple and fast. Perfect for inviting new users who want to join a meeting within a second without any download. 

How to join meeting in web browser: 

  • Click your invitation link you've receivedScreen Shot 2018-06-05 at 14.11.56.png
  • Enter your name which will be displayed in the meeting
  • Click the "Join via browser"-button and participate the meeting

 Please consider: With this first Blizz Web Client release…

  • ...password secured meetings cannot be joined. 
  • …file transfer, chat & video are not yet available – coming up soon. 
  • ...we recommend the latest browser versions of Chrome and Firefox. 

Try the Blizz Web Client, invite your friends and contacts now. 

Your opinion is always of top priority for us – tell us what you think via the feedback button.

Enjoy your meeting experience with Blizz!

Best Regards,


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Most of the times the Web Client doesn't work. With the fast (Dutch) internet connection I'm using (and Chrome) it's not realiable; if I'm lucky and the connection gets established the clients I invited usually have to wait a long time to get connected (yes I also instruct them to use Chrome or Firefox).

If your webclient isn't working please don't advertise it/ offer it. All the failures probably have cost me goodwill and  maybe even clients.

All these obstacles make me think I maybe shouldn't have renewed my subscription. It seems the Blizz software doesn't get the attention it should get from its developers.