In this article you will see how to join a Blizz meeting using the Blizz application (for PC and mobile devices), the Blizz Web Client and via Telephone.


Note: You can only join a meeting if the organizer has started it.

If you are invited via e-mail, you should find all the information about the meeting there. However, it is also possible that this data will be shared with you another way.

Joining using the Blizz Application

Prerequisite: you have received the meeting ID and a password if

1. On the navigation bar, click on Meeting.


Pic 1.png


2. Under Join the meeting, enter the meeting ID and click on Join.


Pic 2.png

Note: You can enter the meeting ID with or without leading "m" and hyphens. Blizz adjusts the entry automatically.

If the meeting is not yet active, you must wait until the organizer starts it. If the organizer has protected the meeting with a password, you must enter the password.

3. Click on the microphone for a call or activate your webcam for a video call.


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Join from "My recent Meetings" 

If you have a concurrent meeting ID that you usually join, you can use the shortcut My recent Meetings

1. Open your Blizz application and click on Meeting


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2. Click on the history button. 


My recent meetings.PNG


3. Once you do that you will see a list of the recent meetings that you have joined in the past. If you would like to join one of those meetings, click on it and then click on Join


my recent meetings 2.PNG

If the Organizer has already started the meeting you will be prompted to it. 


Note: If the meetings were not named or scheduled, you will see the meeting ID and the owner's name instead of a meeting name.

Joining using a Mobile Device

Prerequisite: you have received the meeting ID.

1. Download the Blizz App using the following links, accordingly. Please use the links from the mobile devices or visit your Application Store on the devices directly:



2. Open your application, enter the Meeting ID and click on Join


Pic 4.png


 3. Unmute your microphone or start your webcam if desired. 


Joining using the Blizz Web Client

Prerequisite: you have received the meeting ID

Option 1

1. Go to

2. On the top right enter your meeting ID and click on Join


Bild 2.PNG


3. . Enter your Name and click on Join Via Browser


Bild 4.PNG

 4. You will be propmpted to the meeting. If you are joining via VoIP, unmute your microphone


Bild 3.png


Option 2

Prerequisite: You have a Blizz or a TeamViewer account.

1. Go to and access with your email address and password.


Bild 5.PNG


2. Enter your Meeting ID and click on Join.


Bild 6.png


3. Choose the option Join via Browser.

Bild 7.png


4. You will be prompted to the meeting. If joining via VoIP, unmute your microphone.


Bild 8.png


Please consider:

  • Password secured meetings cannot be joined. 
  • File transfer, Chat & Video are not yet available – coming up soon. 
  • We recommend the latest browser versions of Chrome and Firefox


Joining directly from the Blizz Chat

Prerequisite: Organizer and participant (s) are logged in with their Blizz account. 

1. For the organizer: Open your Blizz application and click on Meeting and Start Meeting.


Bild 1.png

2. Navigate to the Chat option. 


1 chat.png


3. Locate the contact with whom you would like to meet and type your meeting ID on the message. It must include the m at the beginning e.g. m00-901-469





4. As a participant: click on the meeting ID.




5. You will be automatically prompted to the meeting. 




4. Unmute your microphone and start your webcam accordingly.  


Pic 3.PNG


Join via telephone

Prerequisite: you have received the meeting ID and the dial-in number.

1. Dial the dial-in number on your telephone. You will find a list of the dial-in numbers here.

2. Wait until you are connected to an announcement. This can take a few seconds.

3. Follow the instructions in the announcement. When you are asked to enter the meeting ID, enter the numbers of the ID using your telephone.



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