In this article, you will see the different types of Blizz Meeting IDs

The Blizz meeting ID is a unique identifier. Everybody who wants to join a Blizz Meeting requires a Meeting ID.

Blizz has 2 different types of IDs:


Static Meeting ID

1. If you sign up for a Blizz account, you will receive a personal Meeting ID. If you log in with your account and start a spontaneous meeting, (regardless of the device) your personal Meeting ID is displayed and does not change.

Here you will find more information on how to create a Blizz account.

Your colleagues or participants can reach you using this ID. This feature is very useful for frequent colleagues who can use your ID number to give you a call.

You do not have to memorize this ID, by logging in with your Blizz account, you can simply select the contact and choose a meeting, call or video call. 

2. If you do not use your Blizz account or if you are not logged in with it you will see a different Meeting ID displayed. This ID is unique for every device and it does not change.


Dynamic Meeting ID

1. When you use the Blizz scheduler to plan a Meeting, every meeting will have a different ID. If you have a series of meetings, the ID can be reused for as long as you wish. If it was a one-time meeting, you can delete it after it has taken place.

On this article you will find a know-how if you would like to plan your meetings and delete them.


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