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If you have Microsoft® Office installed on your device, you can enable
Office integration to make Blizz even more convenient.

The following functions are available for this:

  • Presence Status

Wherever MS Office shows the name of a contact – especially in
Outlook – the Blizz presence status will also be displayed.

  • Starting Meetings in Office

You can start a chat or meeting directly wherever the presence
status appears by clicking on the contact.

  • Scheduling Meetings in Outlook

You can use the calendar in Outlook to schedule a Blizz meeting and
to send invitations.

Installing Office Integration

Office integration does not take effect until you have installed the
appropriate function.

1. In the Navigation bar, click on the gear symbol and then on Install
Office Integration.

2. Follow the instructions if you are prompted for an admin password.
The function will then be installed.

3. Restart Blizz as soon as you are prompted to do so

Presence Status

Blizz shows the presence status of registered contacts in various spots.

You can choose your own presence status on the tab with your user name.

In addition, presence statuses also appear in Microsoft Office when integration is enabled. They are represented by a colored dot or bar next to the names.

Starting Meetings or Chats in Outlook

You can start a Blizz meeting or a chat in Outlook.

1. In Outlook or in an email, hover the cursor over the name of the
contact that you want to communicate with.
A pop-up window will appear that contains the Outlook data as well
as the Blizz meeting functions.

2. Click the icon for the chat or meeting type that you want to start.

Scheduling Meetings in Outlook

You can schedule Blizz meetings in Outlook that will also be Outlook
meetings. You have a separate function for this in the Outlook ribbon.

1. Switch to Outlook.

2. In the ribbon, click on New Meeting.
An invitation is created with Blizz invitation text.

3. If desired, customize the text and other information.

4. Enter the email address of the recipients.

5. Click Send.

A meeting appointment will be created in Outlook and a planned
meeting will be created in Blizz, which will appear on the Calendar

Managing the Office Integration

Office integration is active after it has been installed. However, you can disable or completely uninstall it.

1. In the Navigation bar, click on the gear symbol and then on Options. This opens the dialog box for the Blizz options.

2. Click Integrations.

3. Configure the desired settings.

Install Click this button to install the integration.
Uninstall Click this button to uninstall the integration.
Status Enable or disable integration by selecting the appropriate option from the drop-down list.


Note: If you are not logged on as an administrator, you must enter the administrator password when you change a setting.

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