Changing settings for a Blizz meeting

In the course of a meeting, you may wish to change the settings controlling the meeting, e.g. to mute the microphone or stop screen sharing. You can make such changes on the Blizz panel.

Changing roles

Sometimes it makes sense to change the role of a participant, e.g. if a
participant other than the organizer wants to share his screen content.

Prerequisite: you are the organizer of the meeting.

1. On the Blizz panel, open the Participants area

2. Click the arrow to the right of the name of the participant whose role
you want to change.

3. Select the Make organizer or Make presenter function.

Locking a meeting

If you lock a meeting, participants can only join the meeting after

This has the following effects on participation in a meeting:

  • Participants can only join the meeting if the organizer allows them to
    do so.
  • Participants who are removed from a locked meeting cannot join the
    meeting again.

1. On the Blizz panel, open the Participants area.

2. Click the open padlock to lock the meeting or the closed padlock to unlock it.

Changing audio settings

Prerequisite: an audio connection via Voice over IP must be active.

1. On the Blizz panel, open the Audio area.

2. You can switch the microphone or loudspeakers on or off by clicking
on the appropriate icon.

  • Microphone on 
  • Microphone mute
  • Loudspeaker on
  • Loudspeaker mute

If a device is switched on, you can change the volume using the slider

Controlling screen sharing

If you start a meeting with screen sharing, the sharing begins
automatically according to the default setting. However you can pause or
stop the sharing. In addition, you can share only a particular window
instead of the entire screen.

Prerequisite: screen sharing is active.

1. On the Blizz panel, open the Screen sharing area.

2. Move the mouse over the miniature view of the screen until the
control elements appear.

You now have the following possibilities:

  • Click the pause icon to pause the sharing. Screen sharing is thus "frozen"
    for the participants. By clicking on the play button, you can continue sharing.
  • Click the stop button to stop the sharing. Participants will see the wait
    dialog. By clicking the play button, you can continue sharing.
  • If you want to change the content shared, click the arrow next
    to the left field and select the desired window or the whole
    screen from the expandable menu.
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