You can join a meeting by using Blizz or you can establish an audio connection via telephone. You can also use the audio connection to connect with the meeting using Blizz to see the screen sharing and establish the audio connection via telephone if you do not have a headset available.

You can join a meeting if you know the associated meeting ID. However the organizer has the option to protect the meeting with a password. In this case, to join using Blizz or a browser, you will also need the password.

Note: You can only join a meeting if the organizer has started it.

If you are invited via e-mail, you will find all information about the meeting in the e-mail. However it is also possible that this data will be shared with you another way.

Joining using Blizz

Prerequisite: you have received the meeting ID and a password if

1. On the navigation bar, click Meeting.

2. Under Join the meeting, enter the meeting ID.

Note: You can enter the meeting ID with or without leading "m" and hyphens. Blizz adjusts the entry automatically.

3. Click Join. A meeting window opens. If the meeting is not yet active, you must wait until the organizer starts it. If the organizer has protected the meeting with a password, you must enter the password.

Join using a link

In the automatically-created invitation texts, there is a link of the form

If you open this link in a Web browser, you will be connected to the meeting automatically. It is possible that you will see a message asking you whether you want to permit the execution (depending on the browser). If you allow the execution, Blizz will be started on your device and you will be connected to the according meeting automatically.

Join via telephone

Prerequisite: you have received the meeting ID and the dial-in number.

1. Dial the dial-in number on your telephone.

2. Wait until you are connected to an announcement. This can take a few seconds.

3. Follow the instructions in the announcement. When you are asked to enter the meeting ID, enter the numbers of the ID using your telephone.

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