On this article you will see the available languages for Blizz and learn how to change them if required. 



How to change the Language on the Blizz Application

The Blizz Application as well as our Blizz Homepage are available in the following languages:




If you would like to change the language on the Blizz Application, open the app and click on the options wheel and then click on Options.




Click on Advanced and then click on Show advanced options.




Under Display language click on the options on the right where you will see the current language of the app. Select the desired language that you would like to see.




Very important: For the changes to take effect, you must Exit the Blizz App. Simply click on Exit and re-open the application and you will see Blizz in the chosen language.




How to change the Language on the Blizz Website and the Blizz Login Site.  


Our Homepage and the Blizz Sign in site are also available on multiple languages. 

When browsing on our Homepage, navigate to the very bottom of the page and on Countries select your preferred language. 




On the Blizz Sign in choose the preferred language prior to logging in on the lower left side of the page. Once you have chosen your language, enter your details and sign in. 




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