You can easily add contacts to your Blizz account by entering their email address. In addition, you can also allow Blizz to access your Outlook contacts so that these contacts are available to you directly in Blizz.


Note: Access to Outlook is only available with Windows

Adding Contacts

1. In the Navigation bar, click on Contacts.


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2. Above the address list, click Add Contact.


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3. In the Add Contact field, enter an email address.


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4. Click Add.


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5. If the contact is not known, you will be prompted to send them an invitation. In this case, click Send Invite.


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The contact is then created and will be visible in your contact list.

Deleting a Contact 

1. Select the contact that you want to delete and click on the More Options button.


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2. Click on Delete, once you choose this option, the contact will no loger be in your list.


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Importing Contacts from Outlook

1. In the Navigation bar, click on Contacts.


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2. Above the address list, click Import Outlook Contacts.


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A dialog box with any available contacts will open.

Note: If you receive a message that prompts you to enable the "Allow
Access to Outlook" option, you have to first activate the
corresponding checkbox in the Blizz options; See "Changing the
Import Settings" below.

3. Select the contacts that you would like to import.

4. Click Add Contacts to List and confirm with OK

The contacts are then created and will be visible in your contact list.

Contact Settings in Outlook

You can set whether and to what extent Blizz can access your Outlook

1. In the Navigation bar, click on the gear symbol and then on Options.
This opens the dialog box for the Blizz options.


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2. Click on Manage Contacts.


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 3. Configure the desired settings:


Allow Access to Outlook If you want to allow access to Outlook data, activate this checkbox.
Use Profile If you want Blizz to have access to your local Outlook profile, select this option. The drop-down list on the right side contains the names of your Outlook accounts and the general Outlook entry. Select an account that Blizz should have access to or select Outlook to allow access to all of the accounts.
Use Username and Password If you want Blizz to use a username and password to access Outlook, select this option. This setting allows Blizz to access Outlook data regardless of which device is being used.
delete If you want to clear out the Outlook contacts after importing them, click this button.


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Thank you for your feedback. Which error message are you getting? And which iOS is your iPad running? I have tried it with two iOS mobile devices and I do see the error message "The account could not be found". Looking forward to your response.