In addition to spontaneous Blizz meetings, you can also plan them; that is, you can specify that a meeting will be held at a later point in time and re-use it or delete it. 

Note: you can only use this feature if you are logged in with your Blizz account. If you do not have an account yet, you will find the instructions on how to create it here.

Planning a new meeting (recurring or one time)

1. On the navigation bar, click on Scheduler.


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2. Click the New Meeting button. Bild 2.png

3. On the Plan Meeting dialog, enter a subject, day, and time for the meeting. If you wish, you can change the time zone to which the time references are made.


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4. If you want to protect access to the meeting using Blizz client with a password, enter a password. This is optional.


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5. If you want to plan a recurring meeting, activate the Save meeting for later reuse check box. This meeting will remain until manually deleted. 


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6. Click on Save.


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Starting a planned meeting

The organizer must start the planned meeting manually.

1. On the navigation bar, click on Scheduler.


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2. Select the desired meeting.


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3. Click on the Start button.

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4. The meeting is started and the Blizz panel opens.

Using Recurrent Meetings

If you have a meeting which takes place e.g. every Monday Morning at 9:00 am and you have planned it with the above steps, this meeting will not be deleted from your scheduler unless you manually delete it. 

The meeting ID will not change. Therefore you can send an invitation to your contacts through your Outlook or simply copy the invitation with the meeting ID and send it through your Email. 

Deleting a meeting from the Scheduler

If you no longer need the planned meeting, you can delete it. The Meeting ID will not be available once the meeting has been deleted.

1. On the navigation bar, click on Scheduler.


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2. Select the meeting that you want to delete.


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3. Click on the delete button.


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Editing a meeting from the scheduler.

You can make changes to a planned meeting at any time or edit an old meeting and re-use it. Once you change the date, the same meeting ID will still be valid.

1. On the navigation bar, click on Scheduler.


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2. Select the meeting that you want to edit.

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3. Click the edit The Plan meeting dialog appears.

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4. Change the data as you wish.


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5. Click on Save.


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Blizz automatically creates an e-mail with which you can notify the participants about the change.

Inviting participants

1. On the navigation bar, click on Scheduler.


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2. Select the meeting to which you want to invite people.

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3. Click on the Invite button.

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4. The Invite Participants dialog opens.

On the dialog there is an invitation text with a link, the meeting ID, the dial-in number, and the password if added. This text can be edited. 


Bild 21.png


  • If you click Open as e-Mail, an e-mail with this text opens in your default mail program, e.g. Outlook.
  • If you click Copy to clipboard, you can copy the text to another program using the clipboard and use it there for the invitation.
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