The free version of Blizz is available for everyone, the maximum number of participants is five. If you would like to use extra features and/or have more than five participants, we offer three different licenses:


                                                 CORE, CREW or COMPANY


The next statements will help you choose the best Blizz license according to your needs: 


1. I only need one Blizz license but I want to be able to use it on different accounts.


Bild 1.PNG


                                    Included in: CORE, CREW or COMPANY

Note: Each license has one organizer. If you need two simultaneous organizers, you will need to purchase two licenses. Your participants do not require a license. 


2. I would like to receive support directly from Blizz in case of any technical issue/inquiry.



                                                   Included in: CREW or COMPANY


3. I would like to record my meetings for further use and convert them to other formats.




                                                  Included in: CREW or COMPANY


4. I would like to have a report of my meeting participants. 




                                                  Included in: CREW or COMPANY


5. I would like to save money and get the best value (save up to 34%).




                                             Choose the Yearly Subscription


6. I would like to have flexibility and use it for a few months. 


                                            Choose the Monthly Subscription


7. Choose the number of participants that you need in your Blizz Meeting:


   2-5 Free Version      

   6-10 Core

   11-25 Crew

   26-300 Company


To continue with your purchase, go to our Webshop.

If you would like to receive a trial license or have any further questions, please Contact Sales.

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